Media ignore #AWOLMay to talk Lab/Trident. See Tories lying about it

This morning it appears that the agreed attack line of the collusive Establishment media is to ignore Theresa May’s disappearance from public view and instead to focus on old news – Corbyn, Labour and Trident.

One of the worst culprits, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, even tried to make May’s cowardice and dereliction of duty into a masterstroke:

lk awol may

But if old news is on the menu, the real issue is not Jeremy Corbyn’s well-known dislike for the idea of incinerating millions of innocent men, women and children. After all, who’d want a leader with even a hint of keenness on that?

Far more pertinent is that, just 3 months ago, the Tories were wriggling like worms on the hook after being caught out lying to Parliament and the nation about Trident’s unreliability after a test-fired missile had to be remotely brought down to prevent it landing in Florida.

Not a peep on that from the MSM (mainstream media), oddly. So in case you’ve forgotten, here’s how it unfolded.

Last June, recommissioning exercises on a nuclear submarine involved a test-fire of an unarmed Trident missile off the coast of the US. The missile malfunctioned – and headed straight toward Florida:


The missile was destroyed remotely, but if it had been live, then a nuclear warhead would have been on its way to friendly territory – and bringing it down would have meant, at best, dumping a large amount of highly radioactive material into the ocean and at worst into a populated area. There’s no guarantee the next misfire would be conveniently over open water.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon stood up to brief the House of Commons on the testing. He refused to even acknowledge the existence of the misfire – and called the commisioning an ‘operational success‘:

Unfortunately for Fallon, he did so just as a US spokesperson confirmed that the missile had gone wrong:

waterson fallon trident.png

The following Sunday, the BBC’s Andrew Marr asked Theresa May four times whether she had known about the failed test when the renewal of Trident was discussed in Parliament. And four times she dodged the question – it’s excruciating viewing:

And of course, lots of attempts to push attention onto Corbyn instead of her own lies and incompetence. Wonder why that looks familiar?

In case you’re wondering, misfires in Trident tests are not unknown. Here’s one that was captured on video:

While Theresa May and most of her government hides from Jeremy Corbyn’s phenomal start to his and Labour’s campaign, the Tories are clearly falling back on old tricks to try to divert attention from their disarray and ‘Corbyn on Trident’ has become an issue.

The real story, however, is rather different. Faced with a thoughtful, resolute and clearly fired-up Corbyn who actually answers questions and is – thank God – unhappy about the thought of firing missiles that might just as easily end up incinerating our own people or allies – May and her media poodles are shouting ‘Nothing to see here – but look at him!’:


And they’re shamelessly doing it on an issue in which they’re proven to have lied to Parliament – and to us.

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  1. Fallon smooth talking dissembler relying on the collective failure of short term memory. The last time our nuclear weapon had a routine test it failed we have not identified the cause of failure
    REMEMBER Thatcher strong on defence, early warning system operated nine to five five days a week, for most of her reign the missiles were deployed with concrete warheads Every Tory government has cut the size of our armed forces and then lied through their teeth

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