Images show what Catherine Finney REALLY thought of Corbyn’s visit #GE17

As the SKWAWKBOX covered yesterday in a post that has gone viral, an image being spread by a Tory information officer and other opponents of the Labour party was faked to create the impression that Jeremy Corbyn received an unfriendly welcome from Leyland resident Catherine Finney.

Ms Finney’s hand was photoshopped out of the image and replaced with a man’s hand to make it look as if she was giving him a ‘v-sign’. To see the faked image, click here.

These Getty images, published with their kind permission, show that the reality could not have been more different:

Embed from Getty Images

Not only that, but other pictures in the series appear to show Corbyn receiving a unanimously positive response from the people of the town.

Embed from Getty Images

If Corbyn was really unelectable, they wouldn’t need to make up stuff and attack him the way they do – so vote Labour.


    1. Might be settings on your machine – working here on laptop and phone. Try right-clicking or touch and hold – see if there’s a menu option to show the images.

  1. It comes as no surprise that the Conservatives have gone negative so early in the campaign and have started disseminating doctored images of voters.

    The Tories have an abysmal economic record, a flawed leadership candidate, no policies other than those they are stealing from other parties, and no post Brexit plan.

    The Tory campaign is a complete disaster.

    And that is all before we even get to the fact that that it is highly unlikely that they would have won the last election if they hadn’t committed electoral fraud.

    Tory electoral fraud will be the equivalent of the Podesta emails in this General Election. The CPS will be under a great deal of pressure to not buckle to the will of the establishment and to enforce the law of the land and charge the Tory MPs who have broken that law.

  2. The only way to beat the Tories in this election is to tactically vote for the sensible-Brexit party candidate (Labour, LibDem, Green, Plaid Cymru, SNP) in your constituency.

    Vote Labour in Labour, Tory marginals.
    Vote LibDem in LibDem, Tory marginals.
    Vote SNP in Scotland.

    Here is a brilliant website to discover which candidate has the most potential to defeat the Tory or ‘Kipper in your constituency – Tactical2017.com

    If these 4 parties* form a one-off electoral alliance to introduce proportional representation and deliver an “avoid the cliff edge-Brexit”, the Tories don’t stand a chance of winning.

    *The SNP can beat the Tories in Scotland on their own.

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