Want to help Labour campaign? Here are top 50 marginals where you’re needed

A number of people have contacted the SKWAWKBOX to ask where they can best invest their time and effort to help Labour win the General Election.

corbyn croydon crowd
Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail

Below is a list of the 50 tightest marginal seats, along with the 2015 winning margin, who won and the total electorate. In each of these, help to attack – or defend – the seat is vital.

Pick one or more within reasonable reach and dive in. Your country needs you.

The top 108 potential targets all have a majority of fewer than 4,000, so if none here are convenient or you have time and want to do more, see the full list of seats here.

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Constituency Result 2015 winner
second_party majority electorate
Gower Con gain from Lab Con Lab 27 61820
Derby North Con gain from Lab Con Lab 41 69794
City Of Chester Lab gain from Con Lab Con 93 74485
Croydon Central Con hold Con Lab 165 78171
Ynys Mon Lab hold Lab PC 229 49939
Vale Of Clwyd Con gain from Lab Con Lab 237 56505
Ealing Central and Acton Lab gain from Con Lab Con 274 71422
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk SNP gain from LD SNP Con 328 74214
Bury North Con hold Con Lab 378 67580
Wirral West Lab gain from Con Lab Con 417 55377
Morley and Outwood Con gain from Lab Coop Con Lab 422 75820
Halifax Lab hold Lab Con 428 70462
Brentford and Isleworth Lab gain from Con Lab Con 465 84602
Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport Con hold Con Lab 523 73274
Fermanagh and South Tyrone UUP gain from SF UUP SF 530 70108
Thurrock Con hold Con Lab 536 77559
Ilford North Lab gain from Con Lab Con 589 75294
Cambridge Lab gain from LD Lab LD 599 83384
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Lab hold Lab Con 650 67619
Brighton, Kemptown Con hold Con Lab 690 67858
Telford Con gain from Lab Con Lab 730 66166
Eastbourne Con gain from LD Con LD 733 78262
Barrow and Furness Lab hold Lab Con 795 68338
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale Con hold Con SNP 798 68483
Bolton West Con gain from Lab Con Lab 801 72719
Wolverhampton South West Lab gain from Con Lab Con 801 60368
Weaver Vale Con hold Con Lab 806 68407
Orkney and Shetland LD hold LD SNP 817 34552
Belfast South SDLP hold SDLP DUP 906 64927
South Antrim UUP gain from DUP UUP DUP 949 67425
Plymouth, Moor View Con gain from Lab Con Lab 1026 68246
Lewes Con gain from LD Con LD 1083 69481
Enfield North Lab gain from Con Lab Con 1086 68118
Bedford Con hold Con Lab 1097 69311
Hampstead and Kilburn Lab hold Lab Con 1138 80195
Hove Lab gain from Con Lab Con 1236 73505
Lancaster and Fleetwood Lab gain from Con Lab Con 1265 61922
Southport LD hold LD Con 1322 67326
Lincoln Con hold Con Lab 1443 74121
Dewsbury Lab gain from Con Lab Con 1451 79770
Thornbury and Yate Con gain from LD Con LD 1495 66066
Carshalton and Wallington LD hold LD Con 1510 69981
Wrexham Lab hold Lab Con 1831 50992
North East Derbyshire Lab hold Lab Con 1883 71445
Peterborough Con hold Con Lab 1925 72530
Bridgend Lab hold Lab Con 1927 59998
Walsall North Lab hold Lab Con 1937 67080
Westminster North Lab hold Lab Con 1977 62346
Twickenham Con gain from LD Con LD 2017 80250



  1. In order to win a majority of just 4, the Labour Party need to keep hold of the 229 seats they have already and win an extra 100 seats!

    Labour can’t form a government on their own. Use the below website to discover the most potentially successful anti-Conservative/UKIP candidate in your constituency and support him/her.


  2. Excellent to see this list, its how members could put their efforts in. Make the vote wider not deeper 👍
    Hope to see you out within these areas.

  3. Please add Stroud in Gloucestershire. We had an excellent Labour MP from 1997-2010 and do have a chance of winning the seat back. Open Britain said they’ll back our Tory MP as he’s a Remainer (but always votes as he’s told) so we need help! Please.

  4. Wonder if you know of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign trail dates? I joined the Labour Party last year because of him and the direction he has taken the Party, steering it back to its roots. I’m delighted that my 22yr old daughter has become very enthused about politics, again because of Jeremy, and she and a friend are really keen to go and see/hear him speak. I have tried tweeting and I have emailed the Labour Party, but as yet no luck, thought I would try you;-) My daughter and friend are based in the North West; Bolton/Blackburn.
    Thanks for a great news service!

      1. I did wonder if that was the case, thanks for replying anyway:-)

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