Councillors/candidates add their name to Blenkinsop rebuke

On Saturday, the SKWAWKBOX published, as part of an article looking at the local standing of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland (MSEC) Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop, who on Thursday tried to pin the blame for a lost council seat in his own constituency on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Blenkinsop appears to be held in extremely low esteem – even despised – by the majority of his members, but many local people consider him to be symptomatic of wider problems in the local Labour party and there have been allegations of untoward financial dealings.

Part of that article was a statement by a local ex-councillor, who was not named at that point as this blog had not yet received confirmation that he was happy to be named.

Not only was that confirmation subsequently received, but a further ten local people – almost all serving councillors or ex-councillors, including a longtime leader of Redcar and Cleveland council which includes a large part of Blenkinsop’s constituency – have added their names to the statement. Here it is again:

The South Middlesbrough Chairman of Labour, the hapless Ian Blades, is blaming Jeremy Corbyn for the loss of the by-election in Coulby Newham, as is Tom Blenkinsop MP. Nonsense of course!

The real reason is that Labour in Middlesbrough has become toxic in parts because of assetgate and the allegations which came out at the Tribunal over the treatment of Karen Whitmore by the most senior officers and the Mayor Dave Budd. Dave Budd, the Mayor, seems to forget the buck stops with him.

I wonder what part in this Labour débâcle was played by Cllr Jan Brunton? Allegedly, Geoff Cole resigned because of her insistence that he supported the development on Centre Square. No councillor should ever try to get the Chair of Planning to break planning law and procedures. The truth will come out as to whether this happened.

Labour in Middlesbrough, because of its poor local leadership and their questionable actions, is in disarray. I am a keen supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, nationally, but not this dishonest bunch in Middlesbrough which is totally lacking in integrity.

John McPartland, Len Junier, George Dunning and 8 others

All of the signatories above hold the behaviour of local Labour officials responsible for the loss in Coulby Newham, not the party’s leader. Local blairites will, undoubtedly – because they’ve already tried it – retort that the people listed are no longer part of the party and this is true, in most cases because they resigned in protest at exactly the behaviour they now consider to have caused such damage to it.

The SKWAWKBOX has further information that cannot yet be published until it’s substantiated. But even on what’s already in the public domain, it’s becoming clearer and clearer not only that Blenkinsop’s tweets on Thursday were unalloyed, self-serving nonsense but also that this is perfectly clear to the people of the MSEC constituency and the surrounding towns.

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  1. It’s fair to say that Blocknstrop is despised by the vast majority in MSEC CLP. He will be deselected at the first available opportunity.

  2. It should be remembered that Tony Blair normalised corruption amongst the right wing of the Labour Party.

    He sold policy for cash to millionaires and he introduced the revolving door form of corruption, whereby New Labour ministers introduced policies such as PFI and then left office to be richly rewarded for the policies they had enacted on behalf of those who had corrupted them.

    It has clearly become an accepted practise for right wing Labour MPs to engage in corruption. It is therefore no surprise that right wing councillors, seeing this acceptance of corruption within the party machinery at the highest levels, decided to also engage in corruption.

    This is wrong, it is illegal and it brings the Labour Party into disrepute. It is also entirely unnecessary. Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn, The Labour Party is now the largest party in Europe and as a consequence of that mass membership the party is self funding, has no debt and has ample funds to fight the next General Election.

    We must root out the corrupt right wing individuals in the Labour Party.

    The very existence of the party rests upon them being brought to account for their criminal behaviour.

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