Pro-Corbyn Conference delegates sweep board at Welsh CLP

The SKWAWKBOX recently covered a pro-Corbyn triumph at Bristol West CLP (constituency Labour party), which selected no fewer than nineteen delegates for Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton. All 19 are Corbyn supporters.

It’s vital for every CLP to select delegates for the Conference who are solidly behind the new vision and direction of the Labour Party – or, more accurately, behind its return as a genuine alternative to the Tories – because there are crucial measures to support and right-wing attempts to block left-wing leadership candidates permanently that must be defeated.

So this blog has been calling on Labour’s pro-Corbyn majority to organise to match the right’s attempts to control the party’s structures and processes – attempts that will sink to blatantly anti-democratic measures to achieve right-wing ends.

Just like Bristol, pro-Corbyn members of one CLP in Wales – which won’t be named because of the risk of suspension of the CLP or its delegates on trumped-up charges by Labour’s right-wing apparatus – have successfully made a clean-sweep of its delegate count.

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Not only that, but they’ve so disheartened the right-wing ‘old guard’ that most of them no longer turn up to meetings they can no longer control.

Here’s how one of their members described the changes that have taken place over recent months:

We at [CLP] have a very positive, pro-Corbyn CLP.  18 months ago, it was not so happy, but since the last AGM all but one of the EC (executive committee) officers is a proper lefty and the right-wing contingent have given up coming to CLP meetings.  All decisions are taken by OMOV (‘one member one vote).

I feel very lucky to belong to this constituency.  All three of our delegates are WLG (Welsh Labour Grassroots)/Momentum members (two being on the WLG EC). 

Next door in [neighbouring constituency], things are very different.  It is controlled by Progress members XXX and YYY and they exercise every sneaky trick in the book to prevent democracy.

Delegates are selected by the EC, which is heavily right-wing and it is usual for just [the two controlling right-wingers] to go.

We are supporting those members who want to try and change [the CLP], but it may take some time to achieve democracy there.

Like those in Bristol, the members of this Welsh CLP are showing the way for pro-Corbyn Labour members – in a vast majority in the party, as both leadership election results have shown – and demonstrating what can be achieved if those members add organisation and persistence to their passion for Labour’s vision under Jeremy Corbyn.

Whichever CLP we belong to, we need to take a lead from these members who have already done it, to make sure that this country has the Labour party it desperately needs and that the right-wingers who are pulling out all the stops to hobble it give up – and that by passing the McDonnell Amendment at this year’s Conference, all hope of preventing left-wing leaders in future is removed from the right-wing desperate to return to the bad old days of its power and influence.

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  1. The new CLPs in Wales need to select their delegate to the WEC (Wales Executive Committee). They are trying to change riles so that Welsh labour will try and split off from the main party completely. Very few know this, or are in denial.

  2. Carwyn Jones cannot be said to be to the left , he’s critical of Labour party in England and Corbyn, but knows Wales is more left then right wing. But many of the MP’s and some of the AM’s not all of course are to the right.

    But labour has been in the main right wing since it was formed, sadly under Blair it became a second Tory front and Thatcher-rite

  3. Interesting to see that the Welsh CLP isn’t named – why not? I have a tendency not to believe this type of post unless someone is prepared to put their name or CLP’s name to it

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