Update re Labour First international emails

Earlier the SKWAWKBOX posted an article about a complaint from a Labour member who had moved to Portugal about the campaign group Labour First appearing to know he had moved when he had only informed the Labour Party HQ, which he considered to be a data breach.

Labour First has provided information indicating that it obtained this information from the IP address used to open email to the recipient in question, which would not breach the Data Protection Act.

The SKWAWKBOX is happy to issue this correction and has amended the original article to point to it.


    1. Checked with mailchimp. They do capture the IP, which would give an approximate location. Have to give them the benefit of the doubt in this instance.

      1. Nor I – but fairness means giving the benefit of the doubt. Unless that doubt disappears, of course.

  1. Not sure an ip address on its own will give you someone’s email address. My email stays the same but my ip address changes on a regular basis.

    1. No, they had the email address – he was on their mailing list. The IP address would give an approximate location, enough to show it was in another country.

  2. Hi Can you provide the domain name of the sender? Unless he was using the email facility of a internet provider (e.g. btinternet.com) it is impossible to deduce the location from email provider (e.g gmail, hotmail etc) since those source IPs are all from the States where ever it was sent from.

  3. oops. actually they can. if he opend the mail with hidden elements enabled, they could pinpoint to his exact location. sorry about that..

    1. IP addresses don’t often give exact locations, but could indicate a country. Other than that, not sure what your point is.

  4. So if I send an email to Labour they will think I’m in Canada, that’s the present location of my proxy server. Do I get to be in Labour International?

    1. To be fair to them, I guess that’s why they ask. Big Big Brother, of course – and upsets people like my correspondent.

  5. Sbox seems to be having to retract quite a lot Sent from my Vodafone Smart

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