Labour First emails (amended)

Please see this correction to the original article. The article initially addressed emails that had caused a recipient to complain but was caveated with ‘if’ – further information appears to have laid the matter to rest and we’re happy to correct.


  1. And yet Iain McNicol and Luke Akehurst get away with breach upon breach and when the electorate responds badly to a split Labour party they blame Jeremy Corbyn.
    If these individuals were half as honest as Jeremy and spent just a fraction of their energy promoting Labour’s excellent policies and backing the democratically elected leader of our party then Labour would most likely be flying high now.
    How can anyone who professes to be Labour behave in such a way they know will not only damage our party but badly affect those who depend upon the Labour party? They cannot be true Labour if they were they would understand what is meant by the “Labour movement” and put their own egos to one side and work for the common good. I am so sick and tired of these people ruining our party, I have been a member of Labour since I was 18 (I’m now 65) and I have never felt so angry or demoralised as these miscreant people and MPs have made me feel. In my opinion, the only fault Jeremy Corbyn has is he will not suspend these people from the party, I guess he’s a better person than me, because if I were he, I would have had them out months ago!

    1. Sadly, Jeremy can’t suspend them. AFAIK they could have the whip withdrawn but there are so many Labour would cease to be the official opposition

      1. It might be worthwhile disciplining one or two of the more outlandish and objectional Corbyn critics, in order to bring waverers into line. Given a proper media operation to accompany it,, I am sure that it would be good for the morale of the greater part of the party.

  2. How do I contact you Skwakbox? I have re wives an email purporting to be from Unite. I am not a member. I am dubious about it.

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