More #MSMfakenews: Corbyn, the FSB and Syria

Mainstream ‘fake news’ was in full swing on Tuesday with a completely manufactured ‘furore’ over Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘refusal’ to answer questions on Syria during an FSB (Federation of Small/Medium Businesses) event on Tuesday.

corbyn fsb
Jeremy Corbyn standing his ground at the FSB Conference

The incident was spun as if Corbyn aggressively blocked an attempted question from a journalist. For example:

mccann fsb syria.png

The actual video of the incident tells a completely different story:

In reality, the audience can be clearly heard shouting down the questioner – because it was a business event and they didn’t want to hear a question on Syria. Corbyn reads the room correctly and tells the journalist,

Can we do Syria – look, I’m doing interviews afterwards, ok?

To which the journalist says ‘Sure’ – and then keeps trying, several times, to ask his question on Syria, to the increasing frustration of the audience and in spite of Corbyn telling him he’d answer questions on Syria later. Corbyn steps away from the podium but never comes anywhere near the idiot journalist and tells him,

It’s a Federation of Small Business conference. I’m very happy to do an interview with you after this has finished about Syria. My media team have made that very clear to you.

Unbelievably, the journalist still tries to ask his Syria question, but is interrupted by applause from the audience for Corbyn’s firm stance.

But Corbyn did not ‘refuse’ – he said ‘later’. And he did, as the Guardian showed:

corbyn fsb.png

Other outlets also covered it, so if Corbyn ‘refused’ he did a very good impression of not refusing:

corbyn rt
Same comments – although the RT used an old picture from a different event

Of course, that didn’t stop some ‘journalists’ continuing to push the angle that Corbyn had refused to answer, rather than agree to answer once it would no longer be rude to an audience who had paid to be there to hear him talk about business:


Again, watch the video – and read, for example, the Guardian article linked above, and you’ll see that Corbyn had no qualms about answering questions on Syria. He just didn’t let an entitled journalist with no sense of manners push him around.

Which is exactly how it should have been.

Another day, another smear, another clear example that it’s not the citizen journalists and alternative sources that we need to worry about as fake-news propagators. It’s the supposed ‘mainstream’ and their agendas.

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  1. Could Adam Bienkov please explain what part of “I’ll give you an interview on Syria later” did he not understand? That is NOT refusing to answer a question that is saying I’ll answer your question at the appropriate time. Grow up, Adam.

  2. Good on yah JC more of this pse , time to show a little more steel in your public outings .

  3. The “journalist” looked like a complete fool.

    A fool who thinks he is more important than the person who could well be the next prime minister of this country.

    Jeremy Corbyn is the real deal. He has been attacked and hounded, derided and mocked by the media for almost two years now, yet he is still standing.

    No other politician in the country could have withstood such attacks and such pressure. Mr Corbyn has proved that he has got what it takes to be the leader of the country.

    He has guts and he has integrity. He also has exactly the right policies the country needs if it is to thrive in the 21st century.

    The policy platform he offers is the best deal the voters of the UK have been offered since Attlee. It is an offer that is up there with FDR’s New Deal. The public would be wise to grab the Labour offer with both hands.

  4. They make themselves(tHE BBC) a laughing stock,Because people can see and hear what happened, and what was said for themelves. They are just provng what people have now realized; the BBC conveys “FALSE NEWS”!

  5. Kate Mccann and to those who have cloth ears!
    When GOD gave you BRAINS did he not ask you to use them wisely?
    Otherwise, you will be made to look completely STUPID!
    You’re the reason KATE and those like you, (BLONDES GET A BAD REVUE!)

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