We must have some people worried

So, the SKWAWKBOX got it wrong tonight. Nobody’s perfect and others with far bigger resources get it wrong more often, but still annoying. That the post was deleted and a correction issued within 20 minutes or so is some comfort.

What’s interesting is the effort that went into creating the backstory – and the response afterward, with a string of right-wingers all on hand to mock. It appears the credibility of this blog is a target for some people – and hands up, they got us – but that raises the question why they are so interested to attack it.

The SKWAWKBOX has revealed cast-iron, fully-documented information over the last few weeks that has seriously embarrassed blairite Unite challenger Gerard Coyne, arch-plotter Tom Watson, bullying right-wing Labour MPs, right-wing CLP plotters, Progress and others. It has also exposed a new Tory ploy to control voters’ postal vote applications and their data.

The amount of trolling on social media has also increased hugely – much of it as clearly co-ordinated as tonight’s right-wing glee at the mistake. We appear to be worrying some people and while tonight’s slip will leave a scar, that’s a small price for disturbing people who deserve to be.

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  1. Hi Paul – please check out  and I need to get removed if untrue  M xxxxxxxxxxxx

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      1. Hi, I would be interested to hear your views on the extended Ken Livingstone ‘antisemitism’ saga. I accept that Livingstone has handled this situation badly in such a hostile media environment for Corbyn but, nonetheless, it seems that this issue is being used by Progress et al as another weapon to attack and undermine Corbyn and his supporters, particularly as the attack has been timed to coincide with Labour’s local election campaign launch. These comments from notable Jewish contributors last year are still very relevant: These voices have been excluded from mainstream media coverage.



        Keep up the great work.


  2. The Mafia built bridges to hide their wrongs.
    Those on the Right, who think they can take the piss, show your faces you cowardly bunch!
    If that’s the best they can do, we have nothing to Fear!
    Join the TORIES ya SNAKES, Stop hiding and Leave the LABOUR PARTY, YOUR NOT WELCOME!

  3. Hey Solidarity. Just keep doing what you do. When you mess up you acknowledge it and correct it. Also it occurs to me that you may be fed some BS in an attempt to undermine you. You are doing great work. Thank you. Love, Peace & Woodstock.

  4. The reporter admitted that the story could not be corroborated and immediately shut down that story.

    For me, that reinforces the integrity and professionalism of Skwawkbox. It reinforces the credibility of the reporter.

    Despite the planted information passed to the reporter, serious questions remain regarding polling.

    These are the facts to consider when reflecting upon the veracity of the polling numbers.

    The Conservatives failed to win a majority in 2010
    They scraped home on a wafer thin majority in 2015
    Since the last election they been defeated in over half of the parliamentary by-elections held
    They lost an historic majority of 23,000 in Richmond
    They have been defeated in every mayoral contest including London
    They have lost almost 60 council seats

    Yet Yougov claims that this party is sitting at 44 points in the polls.

    The Conservatives’ long list of electoral defeats indicates that Yougov’s claim is simply not a credible proposition and raises serious data integrity and methodology questions about Yougov polling.

  5. Thank you for admitting that you got it wrong – it adds to your credibility. I am extremely grateful to be receiving an alternative view on the UK’s political shenanigans.
    It can’t be easy being a lone voice and having to work flat-out to research, analyse so much information and put it into some kind of coherent order and then publish this valuable online newspaper.

  6. I actually think this has increased your credibility to many who doubted you.- to know that you can actually admit a mistake goes a hell of a way to folk thinking-” Hell the rest must be true ” ! Good on you x

  7. I agree with others, I know I can pass on your blog reports as if the info turns out to be wrong you’ll say so quickly no clever words just simple this was incorrect, wrong etc. Yea you fell for a hoax big deal, a hoax that has a ring of truth about it, if the polls are right then the majority of the gen public of this country have turned into the most hateful uncaring selfish I’m all right Jacks ever, I don’t believe that to be true. When someone can show why 2010/2015 were so wrong, that the council elections last year Labour were going to loose hundreds of seats, then across the pond. Clinton according to the polls is the president not that orange blimp. I believe Labour is behind yes it’s like climbing Everest twice over to get real factual news across, but not to the extent the pollsters are showing.

  8. Fuck the polls they are part of the neoliberal strategy, Skawkbox has for me become a must go to site for honesty and truth, keep up the good work and thanks.

  9. We all get things wrong but it’s how you handle an error and how you rectify it that counts, that said, however, isn’t the REAL story was you deliberately set up, so why? I can think of one recent spat with someone that would cause me to look in that direction!

    And as for Guido, Asif, he also gets many things wrong so don’t be a prat all your life.

  10. Skawkbox, the Canary are my go to blogs for decent untainted information and as you have proved, if you get it wrong you correct it and that makes me feel confident in you. @EL4JC on twitter has made some brilliant videos and I make no apologies for promoting them, they deserve a much wider audience, they do a brilliant job in promoting Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. I totally agree. Steve is brilliant at breaking stories, and just one has turned out to be a plant. It does indicate how very worried they (whoever) are about real truthful reporting.

      (I am loading EL4C’s videos onto my iPad for canvassing.)

  11. Those critics you mention are less concerned about the facts than you are, hence the immediate retraction, the other side of the story though that we see fake news on all forms of the media day in day out without any retraction.

    The real difference between you and the Mass Media is that we can trust what you say, we still have faith in your work and understand the Machiavellian machinations within the media as a whole.

  12. There you have it (is your name Steve?). You have a very discerning and supportive readership. All of them are grateful to be able to read something other than abuse about Mr Corbyn and his leadership of the Party – it’s a long-needed, welcome change.
    These comments prove it.

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