‘Secret Treasury memo’ is a hoax

The SKWAWKBOX just published details of a ‘Treasury memo’. Further information in suggests it was a hoax by someone at the Treasury, for reasons unknown.

Please do not share the original article any further. Thank you.

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  1. Why would Richard, who works for You for, be writing to the treasury on treasury headed paper?!

  2. I don’t know whether I wish for it to be genuine or not – if it is genuine then Corbyn and Labour are much better placed than generally thought but on the other hand it is possibly an indictment of the Government.
    The other thing is that the letter doesn’t seem to support the headline – there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the public opinion polls are being subverted in any way – it just shows that HMG is performing its own polling and that it is supposedly more accurate than the public ones. Quite why it is polling, at your and my expense, is another question which should be asked in Parliament.

  3. Indeed, a bombshell!
    Also very interesting, and very disturbing, is the comment in your informant’s remarks about “structural animosity..toward Corbyn”. This aggravates the fear, held by some, that, should Labour under Corbyn win at the polls, the “establishment” would happily stage a coup to prevent them taking power.

  4. You didn’t get this on 1st April, did you? I’d love it if this were real but there are a some things that don’t look right with the letter – 1) if it comes from YouGov why is it written on Treasury notepaper, 2) there’s no date and 3) the text sits awkwardly within the page frame.

    1. On treasury notepaper actually was a clever part of the hoax – you’d expect a faker to fake YouGov letterhead. Others pointing out a grammar mistake etc – ha, like officials never make grammatical errors in internal memos. Interesting that some people are interested in attacking my credibility though. Can’t attack the facts, I guess.

      1. “Interesting that some people are interested in attacking my credibility though”

        You published an obvious hoax and claimed it was the biggest story that Skwawkbox had ever published. Of course your credibility is being questioned.

  5. Makes a change from other media outlets that keep spreading propaganda after it’s been debunked.

  6. True or not, I believe this polling (against) Jeremy and the Left, is what it is, a bungled attempt to discredit him and his followers!
    We knew on the Left it wouldn’t be easy!
    Against the constant attacks from the “Rantings” of the Media and those on the Right in all Parties!
    For me to have any Leader other than Jeremy Corbin would be a total discredit to why the Labour Party is the Party of the People!
    Which was to look after the ordinary people of this UNITED KINGDOM!
    Against the Unscrupulous Employers and Slum conditions that we all lived in not too long ago!
    We, the Voter, along with our Children are slowly being dragged back to those times, by this Tory lying Government, with the help of the Right!
    Plus those Polls that got it so correct at the last election and the YELLOW BRICK ROAD we call BREXIT!
    Stop reading tomorrow’s cavity wall filler!

  7. You need to provide further information please, this comes across as distinctly odd.

    1. The backstory was convincing enough to go with it – caveated, of course, with ‘if genuine’, which of course all the right-wingers are ‘forgetting’ to mention. Further information came in that made it clear it was a con. Live and learn.

  8. I’d agree you have them worried with this “planting ” of miss-information to try and undermine this blogs creditability shows that the powers that be are now noticing you . Great keep up the good work , I think most of us are worldy wise enough to take and make our minds up from a variety of news sources excluding the MSM for sure .

  9. I’ve been wondering when the establishment would pull a stunt like this. It means you are doing what the MSM fail to do and expose hypocrisy, wrong doing and corruption. More power to your keyboard I say.

  10. I thought ‘fake news’ was all the rage? It works for everyone else… I know its morally unforgiveable, but a small part of me is amused that people will believe it. If I thought for a minute you’d done it on purpose I’d be tempted to say “Well done”…

  11. I’ve been keeping up with events in the US concerning Russian hacking, disinformation and meddling in elections. They stir up and set people against each other with fake news. Eg: Hilary Clinton’s illness’s.

    Suspect sites are the Alt right site Infowars, and two Russian sites, Sputnik and RT news.
    The US have no doubt there is meddling in elections in Europe. Nor do I.

  12. Dear Skwawkbox,

    having read your article below, and reading your retraction of the article later in the day that this letter was a hoax, have you considered that the original letter might have been a disinformation attempt to distract you from a story that you are pursuing. Intelligence agencies often use this tactic to misdirect and to undermine trust in the source that presents the information.

    Very often the misinformation is closely matched to information that the agency is trying to hide, therefore if you were pursuing a lead on the polling companies it would be worth carrying on and looking into them.

    Best of luck with your efforts as I believe that you are by far one of the best journalists working today.




    1. Absolutely. So if anyone has any *genuine* information about something we all know must be happening, please get in touch.

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