Corbyn ‘bites back’. More, please. [incl video]

The moment this writer and I’m sure most Corbyn supporters have been waiting for happened last night. You only need eyes in your head and an honest braincell between your ears to know that the media – together with the Labour right-whinger MPs that they’re all too happy to give airtime to – are the root of the supposed ‘problem’ Labour has communicating.

If good-for-nothing right-wing MPs are bleating and briefing to the media every 5 seconds and the same media ignore key press releases in favour of yet more useless speculation, you’re going to have a ‘communication problem’. But of course, acknowledging that would go against the agreed incompetence narrative.

So when yet another lazy journalist asks the inane question about Corbyn stepping aside as if we don’t already have a strong opposition and it’s simply self-evident that he’s the problem, it’s easy to end up shouting at the talking head on your television screen with some combination of epithets that amounts to ‘It’s you, you useless [redacted]!!’.

But last night, we didn’t have to. Corbyn stopped being diplomatic and said it for us.

Asked by ITV interviewer Paul Brand about why he doesn’t step aside, Corbyn let him have it. With both barrels:


This is the Corbyn we want to see – taking on the idiocy head-one. A ‘different politics’ is what is needed, no question – but one with with teeth, one that makes pundits and interviewers tread carefully. One that anyone who’s ever got angry over somebody’s idiotic question (or anything else that tries our patience) can relate to. Connect to.

Corbyn is at his best when he’s fired up – and the best of his best when he’s calling out nonsense for what it is. Especially if he puts lazy, self-entitled journalists in their place.

More of this please, Jeremy. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Kick some backsides – and not just of interviewers.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn made Both the ITV reporter and the LBC reporter look pathetic. They were not there to interview Corbyn about the coming elections, they were there with a pre-rehearsed script about asking him if he was going to step aside, they were simply not interested in anything Corbyn had to say. LBC kept on about how it is expected that the party will lose nearly all its councils and 100s of councillors in the coming elections, sloppy lazy journalism this was touted by pollsters last year almost word for word! I swear last year they all had their pieces for the cameras and papers planned and when Labour actually won those elections they decided to use them anyway, anyone would think that Labour lost those elections – they did not – they won! It’s amazing, usually, pollsters are preaching at us that national polls cannot predict what happens in council elections as they are notoriously bad to predict until it suits them! Pollsters also say that whatever happens in local elections they are no indication of what will happen in a general election, again no mention of this by pollsters, who now all seem to be politicians as well as psephologists. It comes to something in this country when we cannot even trust polling companies to conduct their surveys without their political bias, no wonder they keep getting the results wrong! Last year from the non-stop negative coverage which went on for days anyone would think that Labour lost the council elections not actually WON them and actually mirroring Ed Milliband’s high watermark achievement.
    Pollsters need some serious self-examination if they want to be viewed as credible again.

    1. Exactly.. in 2016, the LP was expected to lose upward of 150 and lost 18 whereas the Tories were expected to gain 50 and lost 49(?)… but the MSM reported as if Labour had been trounced.

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