Left fights back in Liverpool Riverside

The SKWAWKBOX has reported the assault on democracy currently being perpetrated by right-wing members and officers of Liverpool Riverside CLP (constituency Labour party) in an attempt to thwart the efforts of the pro-Corbyn majority to take the party in a direction that is both more true to Labour principles and needed by the people of Liverpool and this country.


False accusations were made against the CLP. A branch/delegate structure was forced on the party by Labour’s regional HQ against the wishes of members and the right immediately began to stack its delegates into the structure via affiliated groups such as the Co-operative Party – and, this week, to attempt to monopolise the branch delegate count.

The initial attempt was largely successful, with the right completing an almost-clean sweep of delegate positions in three of the CLP’s seven branches. Local members asked this blog to put out an emergency call to branch members to attend the remaining meetings.

I’m delighted to report that results in last night’s meetings showed a major fight-back by the pro-Corbyn majority. Here’s an update from one of the members:

Good results from Princes Park.  Won everything except Youth delegate (total six to CLP). 

Mossley Hill won Secretary (ex-officio delegate to CLP) + 5 delegates and a youth delegate. 

So we’re back in the fight! 

Central and St.Michaels to go.  Fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed indeed. If you’re a member of either of those branches, please make sure you get to your AGM – and if not, please share this so those who are get the message.

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  1. In case you’re interested the Holborn & St Pancras Constituency, Highgate branch have elected a Membership Sec who has so far been denied access to the Membership List! This has continued for 4 months. After repeated complaints about this the Branch Chair announced he had referred the matter to the Compliance Unit. The outcome of this was they referred it back to the EC (who of course are dominated by the right wing) so the decision will of course be negative again. The Threats to Democracy rule OK so far but a minor rebellion is on the cards when it comes to Branch AGM and reselection of officers.

    Ruth Appleton Unison/Labour link and GC delegate.


  2. Great news. Illegitimus nil carborundum Sent from my Vodafone Smart

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