Watson forlorn at #PMQs while Dugher snaps under pressure

Tom Watson cut a forlorn figure at PMQs today. His body language was subdued and his facial expressions spoke volumes:

watson forlorn

After a week or so in which:

  • Labour members showed huge support for a mooted challenge for his deputy leader’s position
  • an attempt by his dwindling supporters to rally a ‘Twitter storm’ stirred barely a wet burp with only thirty or so tweets in his favour and a surge of humorous put-downs captured the headlines
  • Emily Thornberry garnered more than 35 of the 50 MPs she needs to force a leadership challenge and the mainstream media started to pick up on it
  • an attempt to smear Momentum and Unite failed miserably and only succeeded in embarrassing its author
  • the ‘horse’ he’d backed in the Unite General Secretary contest, his communications chief and his right-hand MP defecated all over the one area of credibility Watson would still have hoped to claim
  • Unite and its incumbent General Secretary slapped him down ruthlessly for his interference in their democracy
  • Progress appeared to announce the reopening of its longstanding vendetta against Watson and the ‘hillbillies’ of his preferred Labour First faction

it’s no surprise if Watson felt exposed and ill at ease. He looks like a man who senses his days are numbered and it’s to be hoped that Ms Thornberry – who wasn’t on the front bench today – was busy crystallising her challenge.

It’s not only Watson who appears to be feeling the strain. His ‘mini-me’, Michael Dugher, also failed to maintain his composure under even the modest pressure of a tweeted challenge from the SKWAWKBOX about his recent columns in right-wing rags The Sun and the Daily Mail.

dugher moron

It appears the wheels are in danger of coming off the Watson wagon which, given his abysmal failure as Labour’s deputy leader, can only be good news for the vast majority.

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  1. FFS! The LP needs to stop this infighting, sort out the hard right and get on with the job for which they were elected – challenging the gawdawful Government.

  2. Perfect answer to that last tweet by Michael Dugher:
    I always cheer up immensely if
    an attack is particularly wounding
    because I think, well, if they
    attack one personally, it means
    they have not a single political
    argument left.
    Margaret Thatcher

  3. Whats happening with the Copeland by election #ToryElectionFraud? I thought the pictures had them bang to rights but its all gone quiet?

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