Emily Thornberry to challenge for deputy leader?

Rumours are reaching this blog that Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry may be preparing to challenge Tom Watson for the deputy Labour leadership.

After the debacle yesterday of Watson’s hypocritical and rather desperate attempt to smear the left of the party – again – and to interfere in the Unite General Secretary contest, Watson’s public credibility has reached a new low.

Jeremy Corbyn flanked on the front bench by current and future deputy leaders?

The twin slap-downs from both Unite and a near-unanimous Shadow Cabinet demonstrate that his political standing is equally tenuous. The ‘hissy-fit’ by part of the PLP (parliamentary Labour party) last night only served to reinforce the impression that Watson is in trouble – when the bankrupt likes of John Spellar, John Cryer, Wes Streeting and Neil Coyle are the best he’s got to defend him, his situation is dire.

Ms Thornberry is a popular and capable politician who has performed well at the Dispatch Box and insiders claim that she can reach the required nomination threshold – the same requirement as for the party leadership – while the evident outrage of the pro-Corbyn majority of members would bode ill for his chances if a contest is triggered.

It must be remembered that these are, as yet, only rumours. albeit rumours that seem to be coming from a lot of directions – but if the challenge does materialise then this blog urges every reader who is a Labour member to give Ms Thornberry wholehearted and full-throated support. The party will be healthier and far more able to fight with Mr Watson, who appears to have forgotten his 2015 campaign promise of full support for the elected leader of the party if he ever meant it, consigned to a dark corner of the back benches.

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  1. Oh please be true! Emily has shown herself to be made of stern stuff, not afraid of jumping in and making mistakes but also owning them and fighting back. Exactly what we need as a deputy

  2. Emilly, take it from me, you need to get it DONE!

  3. This move is 100% guaranteed to get my vote. The sooner Watson is voted out, the better. Then can we go after Iain McNicol also?

  4. I think Watson’s position as deputy is untenable and he must go. Thornberry would be a fantastic deputy except for the fact that she is known as the woman who slagged off white van man, which would be a gift to the msm and Tories.

  5. Please be true! WEmily would have my support, if she stood I would only vote for one candidate and that wpuld be her, I have long been an admirer of her calm and concise politics. More, I know a few people who are NOT really political, but all seem to like her and have asked why she did not stand for the actual leadership because they would consider voting Labour and for her! Food for thought. Personally though, I think that Corbyn and Thornberry would be a dream ticket.Come on Emily step up, your party (and us members) need you!

  6. Yes Emily, challenge right now, I will vote for you. Watson is a saboteur who belongs with the Fib Dems. The Labour party is better off without him.

  7. I was expressing wishful thinking in a JC support forum, thinking aloud the Emily would be my first choice to challenge TW.. And I do,do, do hope so..

    It would be a dream team JC, JM, ET.

  8. PS it’s going viral on the supporters sites . Just off to look at the RW ones now…ha ha ha!

  9. It’s great to see the end in sight for back-stabbing Tom Watson. I too am a great admirer of Emily Thornberry who is a brilliant speaker. Together with John McDonnell, these three will be a winning team at next election.

    Only problem is, how do we get the MSM off their backs?

  10. I believe this is a crucial stage in reclaiming our party, if she does challenge him I am absolutely certain she would win. That would tilt the balance back and those that have been sitting on the fence would start falling in line.

    The sooner we start the better, there is no doubt in my mind that Watson is working to an agenda either the Blairite faction wins or they destroy the Labour Party.

    We can’t afford to wait as the Tories could implode at any moment, leaving Watson to interfere in the organisation rather than planning to win.

  11. At least it would allow Porky Blinders to get his teeth into something else and maybe the Labour Party could then officially ditch the “Hard-Left” description of Moderate Socialism.

  12. I hope it s true ,watch labour soar Watson had enough chances to prove his self failed miserably

  13. Be quick as rumours abound of a snap early general election as soon as May 4 (during local elections). An excellent unity in the whole Cabinet achieved before elections loom. I certainly would vote for Emily Thornberry right now. Pension Credit 60 Now

  14. How to make the dying Labour Party even more unelectable than they already are.
    JC..JM..ET….the incompetent, deluded, unelectable nightmare ticket, ensuring Tory dominance fimor a generation.
    You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

  15. For Gods sake Watson and Labour’s too just GO, NOW , you goon .
    Emily please just DO IT , stand and challenge him . I have never been so wrong and STUPID to have voted for Watson but now would RELISH the chance to make good that stupid mistake .

  16. Watson most go, but to be replaced by Emily Thornberry?…mmmm…not too sure.

    She is a member of Labour Friends of Israel and something of a warmonger.

    As a feminist, I would love to see a woman emerge has deputy leader but I would really baulk at endorsing Thornberry. Perhaps Angela Rayner or Rebecca Long-Bailey might make a better choice.

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