#Istandwithtomwatson – because it’s just too damn funny

If ever there was a hijacked hashtag worthy of attention, it’s Friday’s gem, #Istandwithtomwatson – started by the swivel-eyed right of the Labour party in a desperate attempt to rehabilitate the unsalvageable.

It started with some serious-but-what-the tweets by supporters of Watson’s unique brand of hypocrisy that were, in themselves, as funny and jaw-dropping as anything that came later as satire:


Can you say, ‘saboteur’?


Right. So that’s why he’s rushing to accept Emily Thornberry’s challenge and to refresh his mandate.


Pure fantasy on both counts, of course. Watson deserves even less respect for his ‘mandate’ (a paltry 38% in 2015) than he and the right show for Corbyn’s (62%).

And nobody’s ‘getting annoyed’. Quite the contrary, in fact. Never was a theme more perfectly chosen for a merciless take-down. Here are a few of the ‘best bits’:





But the most striking this about the hashtag is how few serious tweets there were, as opposed to the mocking ones – especially given that the right had attempted to organise a ‘Twitter storm’ – this writer could find just over 30 at the time of writing – and several of those were the ones promoting the ‘storm’:


Thirty!! And most of those were from a handful of people.

So it seems that support for Tom Watson is spectacularly low – even among the right of the Labour party.

To say the attempt to rally support for the woeful Watson backfired would be the ultimate understatement. And on that happy note, we bring you these three absolute gems:

And the outright winner – because it was meant (honestly!) seriously, is this one – which was followed by appreciative comments that were, frankly, just as disturbing as they were funny, was this gem. Believe it or not, it was created by someone who works for a ‘Labour’ MP:


This was met with completely understandable derision:

When she realised her gaffe, the creator of the winner then tried to claim it had just been a joke:


And when that attempt at a bluff failed, resorted to deleting the tweet in the forlorn hope of eradicating the evidence so we’d all forget about it:


Ah well. If only Tom Watson was that easily removed the Labour Party would be a huge amount better off.

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  1. Very funny and pathetically entertaining , just one thought tho , by doing this exposure and ridicule is there a danger of helping to promote this poor misguided stunt . But still very funny all the same . Perhaps at every opportunity one simply has to keep repeating and reinforcing his duplicity , you know rather like the right wingers do to Corbyn .

  2. Labour Right love a leadership challenge. All that passive aggression. Pity for them it’ll be for the deputy leadership this time…

  3. Whilst we have laughed all weekend at her winning #Istandwithtomwatson, what is not funny is that @_kerriprince is a researcher for the LABOUR MP Alex Cunningham, she is also standing as a LABOUR councillor. I was shocked when I was told this. She is continually disrespecting the leadership, the Shadow Chancellor and others. This undermines us as members as well as our party in general. Who will vote for a divided party? Thanks to the likes of @_kerriprince this divisiveness is damaging us. Surely if you do not agree with the policies then you would say to yourself, the Labour Party is not for me. This is not about policies, it is solely about character assassination, senseless!. It is not about uniting and working together, it is about dividing the party. However, she is more than happy to take a salary working for a LABOUR MP and she is seeking to be elected as a councillor under the LABOUR banner!! Masquerading as a LABOUR Party member is just NOT FUNNY!!!!!

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