So, it appears we’ve rattled Progress…

Thanks to several readers/Twitter followers for pointing the SKWAWKBOX to an article by the director of the right-wing Progress faction of the Labour party, which is almost too much fun for words.

Progress publishes a ‘Last Word’ piece every Friday, apparently – and this week it was written by Angell himself. One gets the impression that he was a little rattled:


Skawkbox‘? We know the spelling of this blog is (deliberately) unconventional, but it’s not that hard to get right.

Brietbart‘?! ‘local party’s‘; ‘motions of not confidence‘?! ‘Country council‘?!

Still, just this week this blog has exposed secret, undemocratic emails by a Progress MP, a whole series of nonsense by Progress’ preferred candidate for the Unite General Secretary position including an alleged DPA breach, the hypocrisy of Progress and the humiliation of their bezzie Tom Watson with regard to supposed ‘takeovers’ of the Labour Party and  a lot more.

So it’s not too hard to imagine Mr Angell spluttering like ‘Angry of Tunbridge Wells’ as his fingers tripped over themselves in his attempt to hit back.

In the opinion of this blog, insults from the contemptible are a badge of honour, so we won’t take ‘Brietbart‘ (sic) too much to heart. Besides, we’ve seen a spike in our Twitter followers since he published it, so it seems people know what to make of him.

But there are three things that bear pointing out.

Firstly, the issue of alleged underfunding and understaffing of Corbyn’s office did not ‘start’ with the SKWAWKBOX. It came from several sources independently, including senior union officials and an MP. The SKWAWKBOX merely reported it – and while this blog issued a correction based on a statement by a well-known NEC member, further information continues to come in so watch this space.

Secondly, Angell bleats about councillors trying to hold seats, as if revelations of wrongdoings by right-wing MPs is going to damage their prospects – and he does so as the epitome of hypocrisy, since the ceaseless ‘briefing against’ and media sabotage by Progress and its allies against Jeremy Corbyn and his team are infinitely more damaging than any effect of exposing underhand behaviour by right-wingers.

Thirdly, the ‘Brietbart’ allegation is meant to imply that this blog promotes ‘fake news’ – in spite of the regular vindication of SKWAWKBOX articles by the mainstream media playing catch-up.

By contrast, here’s Richard Angell claiming to be participating in Labour’s ‘NHS Day’ last autumn – when in fact, all he did was take a placard a few yards outside the building in which he and his Labour First allies were busy at the latter’s annual conference plotting and patting themselves on the back for ‘indispensable’ they are:



So when it comes to ‘Brietbart’-like fake news, there’s only one Richard Angell.

There was more of importance in Mr Angell’s piece, but that merits an article of its own, which will follow shortly. Now this writer is off to add ‘Breitbart of the hard left’ to the SKWAWKBOX’s Twitter profile. ‘Insults from the contemptible’ and all that..

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  1. So by that token is Richard Angell saying it was right for Iain McNicol to ban members many who btw still are and take away their right to vote

  2. Richard Angell BUSTED eh ! Fake news what false actions he takes with his care for the NHS placard . Note to Angel it was Blair who continued with zeal the PFI con that now dogs our NHS for future generations . You lot could have / should have ring fenced and protected our NHS from more back door privatisation , not facilitated it .

  3. So one of the most verbal wrecking balls of ‘our’ Labour party is a bit upset. Good we want a democratic party & will fight him & his cohorts inc McNicol & Watson, Angell has repeatedly publicly denigrated the parties elected leader, he’s a member of Progress Labour First & the Fabians and has used all three groups to spread his fake anti Corbyn diatribe

  4. Joke – Joke – Joke While Progress and Richard Angell have been plotting against Jeremy Corbyn and finding new ways to undermine him they refuse to let up and then they blame Corbyn for a fall in the polls that they have caused. Personally, I would throw them out of the party, but Iain McNicol only throws people out who have done nothing wrong. I am looking forward to Ken Livingstone taking UKLabour to court, their spurious reasons for suspending Ken will not stand scrutiny.

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