Here’s a copy of Labour’s 2017 rulebook

It ought to be easy to find a copy of the current Labour rules online. It isn’t.

A democratic party ought to be very keen to encourage its members to get to grips with its rules and procedures. There is a link on Labour’s Membersnet site but it doesn’t work and hasn’t for some time. Occasionally, other organisations make a copy available, but the SKWAWKBOX hasn’t seen the 2017 rules on any of these sites.

labrules 2017

This blog has been able to get hold of a PDF of the 2017 rulebook and is pleased to make it available to download for anyone who wants it. We encourage every member and supporter to read it and at least get a basic understanding of key sections, such as the rules for Conference delegates.

The document can be downloaded here: Rule Book 2017 Labour

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  1. It is easy to download a copy of the Rules from the official Labour Party website:

    1. Log in to https://members.labour.org.uk/home with email address and password 2. Type “rules” into the search box (upper right of screen) and click ”Go” 3. Click on “Rules and Procedures” 4. There it is.

    The only problem is that the title “Rule Book” does not match the search string “rules”, so it (correctly) does not show up in the initial search results. It does appear correctly in the hit list if you type “rule” into the search box, but few members are likely to do this at the first attempt.

    Skwawkbox is a great blog, but must always check its facts properly!

    Best wishes and keep it up.

    John Illingworth

    1. I wonder why the rule book is not automatically sent to members every time there is a new addition. After all Lab HQ seem pretty quick to ask us for more and more money

  2. After logging into Membersnet, you can download the Rule Book in three clicks. Three clicks is an industry standard for navigating to online information. Yet you say the link doesn’t work on Membersnet. Your article is dated Sat 25th. I have just done it this morning, Sunday 26th. Are you 100% sure about what you’re saying?

  3. What a load of nonsense! Perfectly easy and straightforward to download the rule book. I have them going back to 2011, never had a problem with any of them. I think this is just mischievous.

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