Labour ‘reeling from Copeland’? No, Labour winning in THE CITY OF LONDON

PoliticsHome and the Huffington Post have run this morning with stories of a Corbyn ‘staffing crisis’ with a supposed ‘exodus’ – three people, two of whom are leaving for health reasons (no speech marks on that, thank you).

Neither contains a single word from any of the staff who are leaving, as no doubt their comments wouldn’t fit the narrative.

The articles are little more than an attempt to manufacture the perception of Labour falling apart or, as the Huffington Post puts it,

still reeling from its defeat to the Conservatives in the Copeland by-election

Lazy, contemptible ‘journalism’.

Meanwhile, in actual news worthy of the name but which seems glaringly absent from the mainstream, Labour was busy last night – not ‘reeling’, but winning.

In the City of London, no less.

Five seats on the authority’s two-chamber council.

Let’s put this into context: Labour don’t win in the city of London. Even Reuters – about the only source to make much of the news, is calling it ‘historic’:

reuters city.png

Why is it historic? The City is the heart of the country’s finance industry and natural Tory territory. Until 2008 or so, Labour didn’t even bother to field candidates, so low were its chances considered. In 2009, Labour won a single candidate.

Last night, in the midst of a so-called crisis and supposedly disastrous polling, Labour won five. Five out of eight, no less.

Are things tough for Labour right now? Of course – with an incessant media onslaught (even the Westminster terror attack was being used to smear Labour on radio this morning – a new low even for right-wing ‘journalists’) determined to paint Labour as unelectable, things are not going to be easy.

But if anyone tries to claim pollsters and pundits have a clue how to interpret the current, volatile soup of politics and pontificate about who’s electable and who isn’t, point them to this:

Labour winning five times more seats than they have ever won, in a single night – in the very bosom of finance-capitalism. And as a socialist party under a socialist leader – not some lukewarm, curdled-milk, ‘centrist’, ‘business as usual’ offering.

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  1. “Lazy, contemptible ‘journalism’.”

    Hmm. Pot calling the kettle black? Your own website started a whole story, based on hearsay, unnamed sources and rumour, on the subject of the staffing of the Leader’s Office, only to withdraw it.

    1. From multiple sources, who turned out – as far as we can tell at the moment – to be wrong. The SKWAWKBOX issued a correction. Do you seriously think we’ll see one from the likes of PolHome?

    2. Brendan with respect , if you don’t like the site stop reading it , it’s simple really , we can all make up our own minds regarding the accuracy and validity of the articles . Pot / Kettle , wow take a look at the MSM if you want lessons . Me , I am grateful that we have bloggers ( a whole range of sites in fact ) who can be bothered to put in the voluntary time and effort to counter in some small way the deluge of crap we get from the MSM. Maybe you could try blogging yourself , see if you can do better ?

      1. Fair point. But if I blogged, I would put my name to it. Meantime, you can read my abbreviated thoughts on Twitter @BOBRIEN451 (which has my name).

  2. Labour has been fielding candidates in the Square Mile for over fifty years. Belle Harris, later a LB Tower Hamlets councillor, came close to being elected to the Court of Common Council in the early 1960s. Labour did not win any seats in 2009. Yesterday Labour were standing in six contested wards (that elect a total of twenty-nine Common Councilmen) and won four sears.

    1. Take it up with Reuters, since they say it only started after the crash and say five wins out of eight. Four or five out of six is even better – do you have sources for those numbers?

      1. Your website, your mistake (wherever you copied it from). Sources are the ‘Statement of Persons’ nominated and the results page on the City of London Corporation website

  3. This is great news five seats that should rattle Mrs Myway, very well done Labour I love JC.

  4. Can I just say, Thank you, you are doing a fantastic service to the Labour Party & Jeremy’s campaign for a fairer Britain, keep up the great work.


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