NW Labour finally emails Wallasey members re suspension. Condescendingly

Earlier this week, the SKWAWKBOX covered reports of the lifting of the suspension of Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) – which members had not yet been informed about – and the ridiculous ongoing disciplinary action against its elected vice-Chair Paul Davies.

Wallasey members had to read about the latest developments in the media, because someone at Labour’s national or regional HQ decided it would be a good idea to leak it to the press long before any official communication to those affected by the politically-driven fiasco.

Labour’s north-west region has finally got around to officially informing members – kind of – about the changes, but the email is a prize example of how to treat your members with condescension and contempt while still expecting them to turn up and do your ‘grunt work’.

Here’s the official email (right-click and open it in a new tab for a larger, scaleable version):

nw lab wallasey official

Labour’s official message to people suspended for months and smeared in the local and national media is basically this:

Turn up, help us win the elections and then – as long as you’re good – we’ll start thinking about reinstating your group. Oh, and we’ve annulled your democratic choice of CLP and branch officers just to show we really care.

This writer’s instinctive response to that ends in ‘off’. But the local Momentum group sent out a message to members that was no less pithy but considerably more helpful:

wallasey momentum 1

wallasey momentum 2

In stark contrast to the official message, this communication has sympathy, empathy and understanding – and doesn’t mince words about the absolute nonsense that has been perpetrated on the CLP and continues to be inflicted on Paul Davies.

Are Labour’s functionaries genuinely that out of touch and oblivious to the impact of their behaviour on the casualties of their politically-opportunist stitch-up?

Or do they just not give a flying ‘fig’?

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  1. Let them re-run the CLP AGM, with CCTV coverage and faces pixellated if/when more smears arise. Over half those elected were Eagle-ites in June 2016, if things are managed appropriately then they won’t get in again. Let’s NOT have this a way to remove any actual lefties from the committee…

    1. Impossible for there to have been 100 witnesses, only 40ish are allowed in an AGM. I have full transcript from Paul D and of the public meeting in August at the Town Hall (I was there) if anyone wants to see them.

    2. Sorry wrong comment, by successful they meant all officer posts were filled and all matters up for discussion were discussed. 🙂 There was ONE incident between two people in the audience but it was quickly resolved.

  2. We need a spring clean! How dare they treat people with such contempt! Our solidarity is with the CLP and Paul Davies!

  3. Obsessed. Can we just please concentrate all efforts and talents of all members on doing the main thing, convincing the general public who don’t care for internal arguments to vote Labour?

      1. There’s the progress & Labour first and Fabian party.
        Then there’s the Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn, this is the one I support pay my membership too, thing is until there is just one Labour party run by the elected leader these struggles within will continue, It’s rather difficult knocking on doors and answering but your own MP’s say Corbyn is unelectable, a weak leader etc etc They have said this since day one, it’s a power struggle and they’re trying to hold on to what power they used to have, it is they who don’t care about being elected, the struggles in Wallasey CLP show how far the right wing of the party will go, lie about bricks being thrown through windows and use the right wing press to hammer that lie home, using the press to lie about having to cancel a meeting at a hotel, there’s just to much to go over. We can’t win an election until we will back the Labour party and have true democracy and not just when it suits.

    1. People who campaign for Labour are “obsessed” with social justice.
      Why would they spend so much of their spare time in the rather unrewarding process of canvassing and campaigning otherwise?

      There is an obvious, malicious, iniquity here. A large group of people have been slandered as vandals; as bigots; and as bullies for no reason other than they voted for certain individuals as their CLP treasurer and chairman.

      Anyone with a sense of social justice would be concerned, “obsessed” if you prefer, that this was rectified- given that it would be such a tiny, painless effort to do rectify it.

      You could only dismiss the concerns of those slandered as bigots and vandals if you viewed them as a faceless lump – a mob rather than individuals with feelings of dignity.
      I wonder what concept you hold which permits you to traduce them so easily?

      As for “concentrate all efforts and talents for all members” on “convincing… to vote Labour”.
      Paul Davies is one of the most impressive, forensic and persuasive campaigners you will find.

      Wallasey used to be a screwed on safe Conservative seat until his and Lol Duffy’s relentless campaigning prised it from their grasp.
      So if you want to persuade people to vote Labour you make sure your best campaigners are part of your team.

      And Wallasey CLP has been suspended for 9 months now.

      So no Labour Party meetings in the town for all that time.
      How’s that helped with the campaigning for Labour?

      1. I’m not dismissing anyone’s concerns both sides have to answer for what’s gone on in Wallasey. One side an official report the other side a rejection of it, we all have to move on.
        Also, four paragraph down, don’t try and soon my view or try to paint me as someone who refers to the as a mob.

        See you on the door step 👍 #labour

      2. Pardon my writing skills, dyslexic. But at the end of the day I just want everyone to fight together rather than purely creating fights between each other, and that’s both sides.

    2. “Both sides have to answer for what’s gone on in Wallasey”.

      But nothing has gone on in Wallasey.

      Except a load of malicious and demonstrably fictitious allegations made by one “side”.

      Again, you want people to “move on”, but Paul Davies is being referred to the NEC panel.

      So these articles and comments are exactly about the “side” making malicious allegations not “moving on” but pursuing their malice to the end of the process, and excluding a provenly successful campaigner from Labour’s campaigning activity.

      When that is dropped people will “move on”.

      You only want one “side” to “move on”.

      You state an equivalence between those throwing the malicious allegations around, and the victim’s of those – demonstrably fictitious- allegations.

      That is why I question your lack of empathy with the victim’s of this sordid episode.

      1. There was an official report that states to have taken 100 witnesses, if you wish to disagree with it, fine, I have no problem with that. You have your view, I have mine, nothing wrong with that.

      2. Agreed. Plus re Lee’s assertion (to which I can’t reply for some reason) it’s impossible for there to have been 100 witnesses, only 40ish are allowed in an AGM. I have full transcript from Paul D and of the public meeting in August at the Town Hall (I was there) if anyone wants to see them.

    3. The report you refer to has led to any allegations of bigotry , vandalism etc being dropped.

      But Paul Davies – never accused in the initial allegations- is still being pursued.

      You initially stated you wanted all parties to campaign to get Labour elected.

      You now say you have an enigmatic
      “view” of Labour Party campaigners being expelled and Labour constituency campaigns being suspended for months on end, and that’s fine.

      But if a totally innocent man – a man who is a proven asset to Labour campaigning and electoral success – is expelled from the Labour Party on the basis of malicious fabrication, any “view” of that deviating from incredulous condemnation is far from “fine” , and is the product of some other agenda.

      I can’t keep this up all day so have the last , dissembling , word.

      Maybe you would care to articulate what your “view” of what happened in Wallasey is and what you think would be a just outcome.

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