Could anyone consider THIS letter ‘intimidation’? Pls share. #Wallasey

As the SKWAWKBOX has covered recently, the suspension of Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) is, according to Labour sources, set to be lifted – although members have not yet been informed – but only under strict controls that will protect local councillors who expected to be deselected by angry members.

And protect its MP, Angela Eagle, should a General Election be called over the next few months.


This state of affairs is ridiculous when all allegations against members for supposed abusive and homophobic behaviour at the CLP’s AGM have been dropped.

The one person in the CLP still facing a disciplinary hearing is its elected vice-Chair – or former vice Chair, as Labour HQ has annulled the elections and will force the CLP to hold new elections of its officers – Paul Davies.

Mr Davies has been suspended and is expected to be expelled for supposed ‘intimidating behaviour’ centred around his robust defence of his members – quite rightly, as all charges were later dropped and none of the accusers ever went to the police, as they were obliged to do – if the events actually occurred.

The remaining allegation against Davies concerns a letter that he sent to two of his accusers – both of whom had freely appeared on television to spread their allegations – offering to take a lie-detector test with them.

In spite of their obvious lack of shyness, the NEC DP (National Executive Disputes Panel) says that this letter is ‘intimidating’. The SKWAWKBOX is able to bring you the full text of that letter, so you can judge for yourself whether it merits that description:

##### #######
c/o Wallasey CLP Office
Sherlock House

By Hand and to follow by Registered Post

Dear #####

Alleged Homophobic Behaviour

The allegations made by you against Wallasey Labour Party are horrendous and are supposed to have occurred at our Annual Meeting on 24th June .  Forty four upstanding Wallasey citizens were at that meeting including two members of Angela’s staff and  four Councillors one of whom was yourself.   It is alleged that there was intimidation and homophobic behaviour because Angela Eagle was challenging  Jeremy Corbyn for the Leadership.

The alleged actions, by persons unknown to me, are a serious Criminal Act and should be reported to the Police  and I would ask you to do so.

If I had witnessed this behaviour, and felt unable to stop it at the time,  I would have  already been to the Police and indeed did visit them in Manor Road when I first heard of the allegations and they assured me that if witnesses come forward they would treat this as a serious matter.

I also challenge you to take part in a Lie Detector test, along with myself, and would be happy to do this under the supervision of the Liverpool Echo. Truth and Justice are needed.

Paul Davies
New Brighton

Does this look like intimidation to you – or like an attempt to get justice out of a dire situation?

Meanwhile, the people who have been proven to have made false allegations against Paul Davies face no action whatever by the Labour Party.

Could this be anything other than a stitch-up?

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  1. If this letter is the only piece of evidence against Paul Davis the NEC must know that it would never stand up in any court , after the debacle of the decision’s NEC made during the last leadership election’s one would think that they would try to be a bit more honest now.

  2. The intimidation is the part where he asks for a lie detector test, yea I know dumb hey, but that is what they are calling intimidation, the ‘party’ are using the screen of protecting the so called whistleblowers If he has said he was willing to undertake a test himself without calling on anyone else it would have been better, in fact he could actually do that even now. He would need a neutral objective witness & I hope he does get it done. No throwing of the gauntlet no challenges. Video made available for the NEC and his own local party. Publicly just the Q&A’s written and the result. Then they can hopefully do the right thing keeping names out of it which Paul would have to agree to as well. The chances of him being allowed to go to local party meetings would be slim for some time, but he could keep his membership. BTW I think Paul is being treated horrendously!!

  3. Three things stand out to me from the reports of this whole sordid saga:-

    1 – If Paul Davies is expelled it would never stand up to any judicial scrutiny.

    Could we crowdfund such a legal action ?

    2 – The clear mendacity of the Labour moderates in Wallasey will be a Nutall-like gift to any electoral opponent.
    How does it play to an electorate to have your own supporters portrayed as no neck nazis, and rely on rancid stereotypes about Merseysiders for your snide allusions to gain traction.
    Angela Eagle has grossly insulted her supporters and the wider voters of Wallasey by portraying them in an insulting manner to curry support from a distant and snobbish audience.
    Hilary Clinton has shown how that ends up.

    3 – The patient; restrained and forensic nature of Paul Davies’ communications in defence against these allegations; his composure and forbearance in the face of compounding provocations ; and his campaigning stamina; all suggest he would be a brilliant MP.

  4. Genuinely puzzled that the ‘Leader’ of Labour party is seemingly and ‘apparently’ so ‘helpless’ that he appears to be unable to comment on or somehow resolve or resolve to get to the bottom of this obvious ‘injustice’. Is this ‘travesty’ unbelievably and somehow unknown to him? Has he so little influence he cannot ensure ‘justice’? Where is his leadership?

    1. He attended the NEC meeting about the suspension of the CLP but didn’t have the votes to win. Blairites have spend 2 decades packing the party structures – he can’t undo that in a day, or on his own.

    2. You know as I’ve come more familiar with the workings of the NEC and of those who run the party, I’ve gained even more admiration for Jeremy Corbyn, his determination to work for the membership who voted him in, twice, is incredible. No Jeremy has no say in this sort of thing, if he did quite a few on the NEC would be down the road pronto. The ‘party’ as known by the general public is not democratic at all, has a group of individuals who think they know better than the majority of members and use the party as a tool for their own gain. Jeremy isn’t weak to coin a phrase he has balls of steel! does he get everything right nope, but when your own your own with a strong vocal group including msm hacks at their disposal working against you not with you then it’s no surprise hiccups happen. It takes a team to run the leadership I can only imagine how difficult it is to be a member of that team with others being unhelpful and I dare say some coming across as nothing less than bullies.
      Jeremy is trying to change things inside & outside the party he believes in. It’s going to be a long fight until then more of this sort of thing will keep happening.

  5. Where are the charges against Wallasey member Linda Keogh who did her utmost to frame Paul Davies with an elaborate pack of lies? (proven, but still unreported in any newspaper or on any media channel)… just a few blogs.

    If Paul Davies had done that, his feet wouldn’t have touched the floor and he’d be well down the road by now.

    So, rank hypocrisy in the secretariat is determining the Labour Party’s future, post New Labour. What chance of securing my vote again at the next Election (after a hiatus of 25 years)?

    If Corbyn’s hands are still tied and he can’t rid himself of exploiters of the vulnerable population and abusers of the party’s members, absolutely none.

    1. Hi, I don’t know if you’ll get to see this, but I’ll ask anyway: What were the pack of lies that Linda Keogh told re Paul Davis? Do you have a link to an article that explains it all. Many thanks

      1. If you search for Paul Davies on the blog, you’ll find links to articles about him. For specifics on who/what, it would be best to contact him.

  6. Has this been reported to the Compliance Unit? Will we get a report from them about their process?

    Ruth Appleton.


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