Oops. Here’s a proven-false smear by an Eagle supporter about a Wallasey CLP left-winger

More proven-false accusations by #Wallasey Eagle supporters that call their integrity into serious question.

This excellent piece of work by Wirral in it Together shows the kind of tactics employed against Corbyn supporters. As context for the allegations of homophobia etc, it’s invaluable as it shows people perfectly prepared to make very specific and damaging allegations – and, on this occasion, being caught out by the victim having a watertight alibi. Which sheds a very interesting light on the already deeply-unsound but more well-known allegations.

The more you find out what’s been going on over the river from Liverpool, the more obvious it is that it’s not Corbyn-supporting left-wing members that need to be hauled over the coals. Regardless how Ms Eagle and others may spin differently.

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