Seems ‘PhD’ not #Nuttall’s ONLY fake qualification #StokeCentral #WalterNutty

Amid the furore (initiated by the SKWAWKBOX’s analysis) over the last few weeks about UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s fake Hillsborough claims, their exposure, his subsequent implosion and failed fightback, talk of some of his other fake claims has faded into the background – except as, well, background for the various Hillsborough revelations in the mainstream media.

However, one of the first solid revelations of Nuttall’s apparent ‘Walter Nutty‘ compulsions was the confirmed fact that his claim to have a ‘PhD’ doctorate in History was false – an ‘error’ that he subsequently blamed on an overzealous ‘press officer’, exactly the same (debunked) excuse he used this month for his false ‘lost close friends at Hillsborough’ claim.

It appears that this may not have been Mr Nuttall’s only ‘Walter’ moment as regards his education. Nuttall’s MEP web pages have now been removed, but a quick google of “Paul Nuttall”+”Edge Hill” will reveal any number of citations of his claimed BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree in History from ‘Edge Hill University’ in 2000 and his Linkedin page – until he deleted all the details – shows he claims an MA (the higher Master of Arts qualification) in ‘Edwardian Politics’ (changed to ‘History’ on a later edit of his Linkedin CV) gained 2001-2003:

Paul Nuttall’s Linkedin page before his fake PhD was found out


And after – no mention of any qualifications

The small problem with this claim is that Edge Hill only qualified to award degrees in 2005 – which means his claim to a BA degree in 2000 appears to be impossible. And if his BA in 2000 is impossible, the claim to a Masters starting from 2001 looks extremely shaky.

It’s possible that Nuttall received a degree from Lancaster University, as a commenter on this blog observed, as Edge Hill was affiliated to LU before it had its own powers to award degrees, but in that case the degree would be from LU, not Edge Hill, as the commenter stated regarding his own degree, so to claim a ‘degree from Edge Hill’ casts serious doubt on the authenticity of the claim.

There’s another slight problem with the MA in ‘Edwardian Politics‘ (which had become ‘History’ on his Linkedin page by the time the first snapshot above was taken) from Liverpool Hope as well – even though the claim was in circulation as recently as 5 days ago:

nuttall edwardian.png

The ‘slight problem’ is that the course appears never to have existed at Liverpool Hope University.

A google search for the terms “Liverpool Hope”+”edwardian politics” brings up 812 results. Of those 812 results, not one mentions such a course at Liverpool Hope University unless it also mentions Paul Nuttall claiming it:

nuttall edwardian.png

nuttall edwardian2.png

In other words, the course only appears to exist in Paul Nuttall’s CV – unless he was the only person ever to take it and the university never, ever mentioned it online, not even in a prospectus.

Again, it’s just possible that Nuttall did a bog-standard MA in History and a dissertation in Edwardian Politics, but the phrasing of the claim suggests otherwise and sources close to UKIP insist that Mr Nuttall has no such MA – and indeed that he originally claimed it was from Liverpool University, not Liverpool Hope, but changed it after someone contacted Liverpool University to ask about his claim.

So, Paul Nuttall – UKIP candidate for Stoke Central and leader of the party, Hillsborough ‘survivor’ – is asking us to believe that he has a BA degree from an institution that wasn’t authorised to award degrees when he was there, and an MA degree in a subject from a university that has never offered that subject. Unless of course, he’s just using the wrong terminology for everything – which in its own right would cast doubt on his claims.

And he’s asking the people of Stoke Central constituency to elect him as their MPThis writer trusts that the people of Stoke have a lot more sense than to send Paul Nuttall to Parliament as their representative.

But that seems not to mean it might not appear on his CV anyway.

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  1. To clarify, I went to Edge Hill College in 1981-84, and obtained a Lancaster University degree. I don’t know when Edge Hill became a university in its own right, but prior to that it was affiliated to Lancaster University. Great pieces of journalism re Paul ‘Billy Bullshit’ Nuttall. Thanks, Joe.

  2. Paul Nutjob could easily clear this up by showing us his degree certificates. This would show who the issuing body was as well clarifying just exactly what he studied. Perhaps he studied the art of the deal at a Trump uni.

  3. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    Brilliant brilliant journalism
    Paul Nuttall’s reputation is exposed for all top see and understand
    Billy LIAR is the kindest description I can offer Nuttall

  4. Can’t bear the man or his politics, but if he did an MA by, or partly by, dissertation he *might* be citing his dissertation topic.

  5. Too become a history lecturer at his former college/university, I assume would need validation of his qualifications by his former college/university which they must have done surely? If these ‘qualifications’ prove to be false, and he has/is a history lecturer then I would tend to believe he must be a fraud, in the criminal sense, aswell

  6. He’s a (Lying) turd that just won’t flush.

    Nuttall was most definitely the kid in school who tells complete whoppers to bull themselves up, but gets sussed out the moment a question’s asked.

    If I was an employer and he came to me with his CV, I’d be looking at having him arrested & charged with ‘Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception’. (Theft Act 1968 S.16) after having these things brought to my attention.

    (Not that I’d actually employ the sneering, smug, self-satisfied beaut anyway!)

    Marvellous work again, squire. Kudos in dumptrucksful (Is that a word?) to you! Knowing the idiot’s cringing & squirming gives a lot of people a lot of pleasure. Seeing him get banged up would be sublime.

    Although after this latest one, I fear for the UKIP charlady, he’ll be throwing her under the bus next…

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