Punters flee #Nuttall’s sinking ship. #StokeCentral: don’t let low turnout save him

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s implosion continues. After the exposure of his false claims on Hillsborough, his cowardly attempt to avoid responsibility by having a female press officer take the blame for him – and the emergence of proof that he did in fact make the false claim, his chances in the Stoke Central by-election are tumbling. Not helped, of course, by revelations of fraud allegations that the SKWAWKBOX broke and mainstream media caught up on.

nuttall worried.png

This is not about polls, which at the moment have no clue how to predict anything, but in the betting stakes, which are far more reliable – who ever met a poor bookie?

Betting pundit Mike Smithson today shared a chart showing Nuttall’s unmistakable plummet:

smithson stoke 35%.png

With only 8 days to go until polling, new revelations of Nuttall’s dishonesty seemingly emerging daily and the #askPaulNuttall hashtag trending strongly on social media, it looks like his only hope is in a low turnout – if UKIP can whip whatever support they have to the polling stations and Labour voters stay home because they think it’s in the bag, he might just escape humiliation.

So, if you live in Stoke Central constituency and want Nuttall to be lobbed into the dustbin of history at the earliest, please put the lid down on him by making sure you, your family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and the person you pass in the street exercise your democratic rights and vote.

If you live in or anywhere near and have transport, contact your local Labour party to offer lifts to anyone who can’t easily get to their polling station. If you don’t live nearby but can get there on polling day to help, please do.

Nuttall’s on his way to the obscurity he deserves, but there is no room, no time for complacency. Let’s get the job done and make sure his humiliation next week is abject and total.

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