#UKIP in meltdown as #ArronBanks pours petrol on #Nuttall’s #Hillsborough pyre


All day today, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s squirming when Merseyside’s Radio City caught him out on his ‘close friend died at Hillsborough’ lie has featured as a leading news item every half hour on BBC News, on the news bulletins of every other channel and has gone viral on the internet. Events which, don’t forget, the SKWAWKBOX set in motion.

The fact that major UKIP donor and occasional TV non-personality Arron Banks decided the best way to fight back was to pour scorn, insult and derision on every victim and every family affected by the Hillsborough disaster speaks volumes about the stupidity and utter absence of moral sense of UKIP.

And in taking the tack he did, he may well have finished UKIP off.


Nuttall’s attempt to absolve himself by ‘throwing an aide under the bus’ for the false claims on his website fooled nobody – the posts had been created and uploaded under his name, not anyone else’s – and it took only minutes before he was being called on his cowardice:

But Banks’ comments were so base and unprincipled that the Scum ‘newspaper’ is understood to be preparing a batch of ‘Don’t buy Arron Banks’ posters:

Outrage followed, as it should, as families and others pointed out that Hillsborough was no ‘accident’ – it was an unlawful killing and one that it took 27 years to even get the verdict on, let alone justice.

I am not a Scouser, but I know the raw grief of families, friends and a whole city has not been allowed to lessen, because of the intractable cover-up that had to be chipped away piece by painful piece to achieve even that inquest verdict.

I also know that the Hillsborough issue is by no means settled and being ‘milked forever’. The verdict may now be won, but those responsible have still not faced justice for those 96 killings and the suffering of bereaved families.

Banks, evidently, is so low and foul that dog turds scrape him from the bottom of their shoe and his tweets showed he has not a scrap of conscience.

So it’s up to everyone in the UK who does have a conscience, whatever their politics, to make sure that, between Nuttall’s craven, dishonest idiocy and Banks’ being lower than shit, when people in future look down at the rotting corpse of rotten UKIP, today is the date it was pronounced terminal.

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