Now #UKIP fakes another pic – and calls #Stoke people racists. #StokeCentral

A short while ago, the SKWAWKBOX exposed a fake image created by UKIP in an attempt to portray the people of Stoke as ‘protesting’ against the ‘unpatriotic’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Unfortunately, they didn’t ‘just’ fake the England flag in the image, they got it wrong in a way that insults the flag – that’s how genuine their ‘patriotism’ is.

That’s not the worst of the ‘fake news’ that gives away their absolute desperation to revive a campaign in the Stoke Central by-election that is dying in a ditch because of admitted illegality by UKIP candidate Paul Nuttall and allegations of huge fraud and lies by him – and of course, his attempts to hide his hatred of the NHS.

Not content with faking patriotism and lying to the people of Stoke, UKIP have faked another image – one which labels the people of Stoke as racists.

Fortunately, sharp-eyed Twitter users spotted the fake and found the original image. Here’s the original, which shows Labour candidate Gareth Snell campaigning with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:


And here’s the hideous fake:


It’s not only a pathetically-executed fake that insults the intelligence of all Stokies. By assuming that portraying the Labour candidate beside a Muslim woman in a veil would turn them against him, UKIP are showing that they consider the people of Stoke bigots and racists.

The good people of Stoke will, I’m sure, run these condescending fascist idiots out of town, as they deserve – with a vote-starved, humiliated Paul Nuttall at the forefront.

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  1. Hey, Mate –

    It might be my computer, but the pics aren’t showing.

    Best Wishes, Michael

    PS Only ever had this trouble with The Guardian emails before!


  2. I was at stoke on trent football ground there were people queing to get in, and sure enough the venue was packed ot, with crowds outside. Jeremy stood and talked to the people outside first, he then came in to talk to us in the hall. sky were there, they interviewed this lady in front of me she was taken by surprise and asked them after they interviewed her to not air it. They said they woldnt, but they did. never trust these reporters, am glad it wasnt me. great event, very uplifting, had a wonderful labour candidate give a speech. Jeremy looked well, he exuded hope , and a belief we can make this country better. Stoke had given Jeremy a warm welcome before a year or so back , when he was in the middle of Hanley standing on the top of a fire engine kindly provided by the firefighters, he really is a great person. who makes us believe we are all worth something.

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