Do this gas co’s 1000s of clients know it’s run by troll who fakes racist #UKIP images?

Last night, the SKWAWKBOX covered two astonishingly crass, faked images posted to try to persuade voters in Stoke to support UKIP leader Paul Nuttall in the Stoke Central by-election.

One of these images involved inserting English flags onto properties in an image of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour candidate Gareth Snell, then claiming these were hung up by Stoke residents outraged at Corbyn’s supposed lack of patriotism – except the faker screwed up the image and insulted the flag by putting it upside down.

The other, even more shocking image had a Muslim woman in a veil inserted into the image next to Snell in place of Corbyn, in the clear expectation that this would turn the people of Stoke against Labour – the person tampering with the image on behalf of UKIP making a blatantly racist appeal to the presumed bigotry of ‘Stokies’:

Some UKIP supporters have tried to disown the man behind the images, Malcolm Carter, by ignoring the fact that his ‘pinned tweet’ is the pro-UKIP faked image of Corbyn in front of England flags and pointing out that his Twitter profile banner image is a fake of him standing next to Theresa May in front of 10 Downing Street:

carter twitter.png

But sources close to UKIP confirm that he is a member of the party – and, if any doubt remained about where his loyalties lie, it’d be removed by his Facebook profile image. That image has Mr Carter photoshopped (he’s clearly a fan of the process if not very skilled) into an image of ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage and some other UKIP nonentity:

Mr Carter’s Twitter feed is about 90% UKIP-related. The other 10% consists of retweets of various other fascist and/or racist individuals and groups:


Mr Carter’s ‘day job’ is running a gas services firm in Shropshire that claims to be ‘bigger than British Gas’ in that area and to have over 6,000 customers. Here is is Linkedin profile:


One has to wonder how many of those 6,000 property-owners in Shropshire would be pleased to know that the company is run by someone whose pastime is faking race-baiting images, promoting fascist tweets and trying to incite hatred – and how many will remain his clients if they find out.



  1. The charming Mr Carter isn’t too good at spelling either – on his LinkedIn profile he describes himself as Comercial Director, missing out an m.


  2. He also has the word ‘commercial’ misspelt on his LinkedIn profile.
    (There is an ‘m’ missing.)
    Oh dear, Mr Carter. What would ‘Paul Nutal’ think of that?

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