Exclusive: #Corbyn will NOT ‘vote for #Brexit #Art50 no matter what’

Earlier this week the SKWAWKBOX published a simple graphic that illustrated the logic and intelligence of Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to impose a ‘3-line whip’ on Labour MPs to support the first reading of the government’s flawed and rushed bill to authorise the ‘Article 50’ declaration to trigger the process of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Subsequent to that article – and also independently from it – this blog has been asked on dozens of occasions by Labour members, supporters and even MPs how Corbyn can achieve the excellent amendments Labour is planning, if the Tories know that he will support the bill ‘no matter what’, as he has been reported as saying.

For example, the Guardian has claimed that:


Similar reports have appeared in the right-wing press, with the only difference being they, of course, welcome it.

Of course, it’s a fair question – as long as the reports are correct. Labour would have little leverage for obtaining the amendments they want in order to protect ordinary people if the Tories think they’ll support the bill even without the amendments.

But are those reports correct?

Today, Jeremy Corbyn was in Liverpool for a Labour economics forum then, this evening, was in the Garston village area of the city to support Labour candidate for Liverpool’s ‘Metro Mayor’, Steve Rotheram and spoke to a large audience about Labour’s policies and his vision.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Garston

This author travelled to the event and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak to the Labour leader in the ‘no public access’ area at the end of the evening, to put the question to him directly:

Jeremy, the SKWAWKBOX has written positively about your approach to the Article 50 bill but a lot of people are asking how you can force the government to accept Labour’s amendments when the media and even some MPs are claiming that you’ve said you’re going to impose a three-line whip on MPs to support the bill ‘no matter what’. What can the blog say to your supporters who are confused by what they’re hearing and reading?

.And the reply was unequivocal:

That’s not what I’ve said and that’s not what I’ll do. We’ll take a look at the bill in its final form and decide what to do then.

Have the mainstream press and pundits been ‘putting two and two together and getting five’? ‘Reading between the lines’ and drawing the wrong conclusions?

Or just seeking to make mischief to promote their ‘don’t look at Tory chaos – look at Labour!’ narrative that they’ve been assiduously pushing to cover Theresa May’s desperate floundering and grasping at straws?

Take your pick. But whichever you choose, you now have the real answer from the man himself. And it makes one thing very clear:

Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed approach to Article 50 – the one that is troubling his supporters – is a confection – a manufactured narrative that does not stand up to scrutiny.

In other words, it’s fake news from the mainstream media. Again.

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  1. I suppose those that still rely on the MSM and certain MP’s who are still hell bent on wrecking the Labour party would still come up with Jeremy giving the Tories a free pass, those of us who don’t bother with the rubbish have had it clear from the off, if the Tories don’t agree to the amendments in some form or another it will be them at fault if it’s voted against, Jeremy & Co might have spent years on the back benches but in that time they have learned the right way to maneuver, mind you the Tories are so ill prepared it’s no wonder the MSM are trying to hold their end up for them.

  2. Well, you can’t get a clearer answer than that! … but how long till we see this reported on the mainstream media, I wonder 🙂

  3. Why oh why does Corbyn’s team seem so utterly inept at media? Its not enough to feel that the MSM oppose Corbyn. If Corbyn’s team provides no other narrative the MSM will say what it wants. Have they learnt nothing from Trump’s success?
    I have no desire to say Labour lost and its all the fault of the media. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Make the news – use twitter, use social media, feed reports to the MSM. What the f*** does Seamus Milne do ? I used to love his columns but he seems utterly inept in his current role.

    1. The MSM have got it in for Jeremy, that is fact and studies by various organisations have shown it to be true, including the heavily biased BBC (See Miss Kussenburg SP getting pulled up for misrepresenting Jeremy). It doesn’t matter what Jeremy’s media team feed to the MSM, they don’t have to print it, they choose instead to print negative stories often with no truth in them whatsoever.
      The Facebook and twitter accounts push out a large amount of up to date info + videos sometimes simple but effective meme’s and there is a continues stream of campaign materiel. So as far as getting the stories out Jeremy’s team are doing all asked of them.

    2. Don’t you see that this is the very thing that The Skwawkbox is trying to tell us? It doesn’t matter what Jeremy says, it doesn’t matter what his team says or puts out, whatever is released to the media is then quickly spun in the most negative way for Jeremy and labour as is possible. You say you have no desire to blame the media, why? You only have to take the time and trouble to track down what Jeremy actually said and what is being spun in the MSM and broadcast media to see that it is they who are to blame.
      Jeremy and his team do use social media, follow them on twitter or facebook to see for yourself.
      If we want a balanced fair way of reporting our politics then it is up to us to put pressure on the MSM and not accept their drivel and propaganda, this applies to all reporting of all political parties too. I don’t want to be told a pack of lies from right-wing hacks, I don’t want sycophantic sucks up to Jeremy and Labour either, all I want is the truth!

  4. A very clear answer. Perhaps we need to clarify the party position on the infiltration by the LFI and find out who is really behind it. AL Jazeera can do it so why can’t the NEC?

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