Another local Labour party demands investigation into Israeli #steerorsmear

Last month the SKWAWKBOX covered the demand by Merseyside CLP (constituency Labour party) Sefton Central for a full investigation by the Labour party into the now-admitted infiltration of the party by Israeli operatives and groups set up by them to influence its politics, direction and even to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – which forms a bleak context for the confected, discredited but still persisting antisemitism ‘scandal’. In other words, to steer the Labour party or, if it can’t be steered, to smear it.


Jeremy Corbyn, as well as several Tory MPs, called on Theresa May to investigate the matter, but she and her ministers decided, laughably, that an apology the Israeli ambassador was the end of the matter.

So, clearly and correctly, the revelation that a foreign power is attempting to ‘steer or smear’ Labour (and the Conservatives) for its own ends is a major concern to Labour members across the country who feel the party must take its own steps to deal with the infiltration and Labour officials involved with it. As a result, more local parties are debating – and passing – similar motions to that put forward by Sefton Central.


The latest to do so is the Kilburn branch of Hampstead and Kilburn CLP in London. This is the motion they discussed last night (2 Feb 2017):

The scandal over the senior political officer of the Israeli Embassy in London plotting to “take down” a senior Tory minister for being critical of Israel, has also exposed more extensive interference by the Embassy in the Labour Party and the National Union of Students as recorded on video by Al-Jazeera.

Kilburn Branch / Hampstead and Kilburn CLP support the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry MP and the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP when they said that “such improper interference in this county’s democratic process is unacceptable” and “a national security issue”, and called for the government “to launch an immediate enquiry into the extent of improper interference”.

In addition Kilburn Branch / Hampstead and Kilburn CLP demands that the NEC set up a special committee to investigate and report to all members the full extent of financial and other forms of interference by this foreign power in the internal affairs of the Labour Party.

The resolution passed unanimously and is expected to perform similarly at the main CLP meeting.

The SKWAWKBOX is aware of several more branch and constituency parties planning similar motions and encourages every Labour member to put forward their own motion. If you do, please pass details to this blog so it can be logged and publicised if Iain McNicol chooses to ‘disappear’ it, as he appears to have done with ‘inconvenient’ motions previously.

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