Exclusive: #Nuttall’s £10k campaign ‘donation’ ALSO suspected EU #UKIPfraud

Last weekend’s Express reported that UKIP leader Paul Nuttall was going to ‘push to crush Labour’ in the Stoke Central by-election following a donation of £10,000 to his campaign by an unnamed donor.


On New Year’s Eve, the SKWAWKBOX revealed a major fraud investigation by the EU into fraud allegedly perpetrated by an array of UKIP MEPs and functionaries. This was dismissed by some as ‘fake news’, in spite of the detailed information provided – until yesterday the Guardian ‘broke’ part of the same story:


The Guardian article was less extensive – but every detail it did reveal matched exactly with the SKWAWKBOX exclusive over a month earlier.

Now this blog can reveal, in another exclusive, that Mr Nuttall’s £10,000 campaign ‘donation’ is also suspected of being merely a cover for further fraudulent siphoning of EU funds to shore up his Stoke campaign – and the OLAF European anti-fraud unit has been asked to look into it.

Sources close to and within UKIP have told the SKWAWKBOX that no record of the donations exists, that nothing has come through the usual large donors and that the involvement in the campaign of certain party officials who, according to the Guardian, were paid huge amounts of money from EU funds for non-qualifying roles – appears to be part of the same pattern already under investigation by OLAF.

The new investigation is unlikely to be concluded before the by-election on 23 Feb (although the report on the major UKIP investigation that also includes Nuttall is scheduled for publication 9 Feb), but the fact of its existence alongside the now-confirmed wider investigation and the already-proven [paywall] UKIP EU fraud of €400,000 is of material public interest.

The people of Stoke have a right to know the background of, and the allegations surrounding, the person with a UKIP rosette who is asking them to vote for him in the by-election.

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  1. Has anybody noticed the pub sign in the background? A nice, unthreatening, image of a fluffy kitten. Subconsciously this says, nothing to worry about here, you can trust this guy. This is happening increasingly, even on the BBC (shock, horror), sending a subliminal message that we pick up unconsciously. Question is, has the pub sign been manipulated, was this sign chosen deliberately to send out a subconscious message that we can trust UKIP? Or it could be a coincidence.

  2. surely the £10000 is near the limit for election expenses so keep an account of all events and then have him disqualified after the poll for exceeding limits.

    1. Believe it or not, the limit per candidate for a parliamentary by-election is £100k – according to the Electoral Commission as of this morning.

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