Sefton Central CLP demands Labour investigate Israeli infiltration #aljzeera

A couple of weeks ago, the SKWAWKBOX covered the proof uncovered by Al Jazeera of Israeli infiltration of the Labour party (and others) to exert undue influence on politics and policies – and specifically to undermine Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn called on the Prime Minister to properly investigate Israeli interference in UK politics but Mrs May, unsurprisingly but ludicrously, decided that a mere apology by the Israeli ambassador was the end of the matter.

This has caused considerable outrage among right-thinking Labour members, incensed at

  • the admission that the Israeli embassy set up groups within Labour to further Israel’s interests and to helping those groups achieve their ends
  • the huge array of right-wing, anti-Corbyn Labour MPs who are implicated by their involvement with the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) group specifically discussed by Israeli diplomat Shai Masot
  • the admission that Israel was working to undermine UK MPs they consider unhelpful
  • the revelation that Israel, or at least Masot, does not want Corbyn – a long-time supporter of a just settlement for Palestinians – as Labour leader (do the maths with the preceding point)
  • the incessant ‘fake news’ allegations that Labour has an ‘antisemitism problem’
  • the claims by the CHAC (Commons Home Affairs Committee), which contains LFI and CFI (Conservative Friends of Israel) members of the ‘antisemitism problem’, even though the committee’s own report says there’s no evidence

At least one Labour CLP (constituency Labour party) – Sefton Central, to the north of Liverpool – has discussed a motion calling on Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) to conduct a formal, public investigation into these matters:

Subject: Emergency Resolution on Government of Israel
Following the recent documentary “The Lobby’ made by Al Jazeera, Blundellsands and Manor Labour Party wards call on Sefton Central CLP to ask Labour’s NEC to undertake an internal inquiry into the revelation that attempts have been made to infiltrate and subvert our Labour Party. Specifically we ask the investigation examine the £1m fund being set up primarily to be accessed by Labour MPs sympathetic to the Government of Israel.
We ask the investigation examine the purpose and nature of this fund and that the findings be shared with all CLPs via the NEC.
Proposed by Blundellsands and Manor Wards

This blog is delighted to report that the motion was passed unanimously.

The SKWAWKBOX urges members of every CLP to propose a similar motion, to organise to make sure it passes and to require both an acknowledgement from the NEC and confirmation of action – and then maximum censure of those MPs, MEPs, employees and members found to have worked against Labour and the party’s reputation and electoral prospects at the behest of Israeli operatives. Ideally, the matter of the antisemitism smear and its association with LFI (and JLM – Jewish Labour Movement) supporters should be mentioned specifically as well.

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22 responses to “Sefton Central CLP demands Labour investigate Israeli infiltration #aljzeera

    • Should any CLP which decides to discuss the activities of an internal group such as the LFI, hell bent on undermining the Leader of the Labour Party, be worried about being suspended? If so, there is something very seriously wrong within the ruling body.


  1. A similar motion was due to be discussed at Riverside CLP this Friday (27th January), but according to the Chair, it “does not require discussion” as Jeremy Corbyn has already written to the Prime Minister setting out his concerns regarding this issue and asking for an inquiry.

    In this case I am hopeful that a message of support for an inquiry can be sent instead.


    • Yes. If the motion called, as I understand it did, for Corbyn to call on the govt to conduct an inquiry, the decision was technically correct. No point relying on Tories – Labour needs its own investigation.


    • The Sefton CLP motion called upon Labour’s NEC to conduct its own internal inquiry, therefore Riverside CLP should be able to discuss and vote on a similar motion no matter what is said by the Chair.


      • Agreed, but if their meeting’s this week it will be too late to put in a normal motion with the required 7/14 days notice. Unless it could go in as an emergency motion?


      • To SKWAWKBOX below: apparently the motion has already been put forward but the Chair objected. They should ask for a show of hands to go ahead. In addition as you said, it could be proposed as an emergency motion as was that in Sefton CLP.


      • Well said Jack. I have long been uneasy about this group. The people involved in this group should be suspended until an investigation has got to the bottom of this infiltration. The labour party has been corrupted by many in the PLP and affiliated groups. It is seriously worrying when ALJezeera undercover records the senior people in the Israeli Government have authorised and financed the undermining of our democratically elected leader. I think Jeremy needs to toughen up and start expelling some these MPs that are involved with these groups.

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    • Ella Rose the director of the Jewish Labour Movement was an officer at the Israeli embassy in London.

      Ella Rose worked at the embassy as public affairs officer between September 2015 and August 2016, when she joined JLM as its first director.
      Press reports in July announcing Rose’s appointment did not disclose the Israeli embassy link, mentioning only her previous position as president of the Union of Jewish Students.

      Although a dormant organization for many years, the JLM in February last year rose to prominence not long after it appointed as its new chair Jeremy Newmark, a well-known Israel lobbyist. It was soon being actively promoted by Progress, the well-funded “moderate” Labour organization which is closely associated with the legacy of former leader Tony Blair.
      JLM has been active in supporting the false narrative that Labour has become a cesspit of anti-Semitism under the leadership of left-winger and long-time advocate for Palestinian rights Jeremy Corbyn.

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  2. The activities of Labour Friends of Israel in undermining anyone who speaks out against Israeli apartheid and its ruthless treatment of the Palestinians has been known by many of us for years but because of their influence at the top of the Party it has been covered up.

    Whenever Israel bombs Gaza under the pretext of ‘self defence’ we always get certain Labour MPs speaking out in support of Israel saying they have a right to defend themselves, which of course as an occupying power they don’t. In fact the reverse is true, the Palestinians have a right and an obligation to resist occupation.

    The main purpose of the LFI is not to support Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, it is to deflect criticisms of Israel and make sure that Labour does not form a Government with Jeremy Corbyn in charge.


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  7. Notice in today’s article on the BBC web site – 7th Feb, on illegal Israeli settlements, the following sentence: “The settlements are considered illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.” The spineless BBC always includes “Israel disputes this” when reporting Israeli crimes. Does the BBC include this caveat when reporting any other crime?

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