As if you needed more reason to despise #Nuttall, the Scum’s backing him



There is no shortage of reason for people living in Stoke – or anywhere else – to disdain UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s attempt to win the Stoke Central by-election. His on-the-record hatred for the NHS, the dog-whistle racism and dishonesty of his candidacy speech or the huge fraud investigation into UKIP – including Nuttall himself for allegedly claiming expenses for an office and staff that appear not to exist.

Just in case you needed one more, the Murdoch rag the S*n has now backed Nuttall for the seat – presumably because he appeals to their undeniable racism and hatred for fairness and compassion.


Paul Nuttall comes from Bootle and claims (dubiously) to have been caught up in the Hillsborough disaster – which the Scum lied about and smeared the victims for.

The rag – ‘newspaper’ would be far too generous and inaccurate a description – is still despised by Merseysiders, with the vast majority of shops in that area and elsewhere refusing to sell it. Yet, for its own political reasons, it is talking up Nuttall’s chances of winning even though all the bookies – not known for giving away their money – make Labour ‘odds on’ favourites to win the by-election:


If Paul Nuttall has an ounce of decency – which is, of course, highly debatable – he will disown the Scum publicly. If he doesn’t, he will be even further disowned by every Merseysider.

And, I’m sure, rejected by the people of Stoke, who from my experience are far too sensible a bunch to fall for an ambitious outsider whipping up hatred.

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  1. Probably like most readers of this blog I share your opinions on both Nuttall and the rag that is backing him. The nature of this correction notice in a post I put on Monday is not unconnected with my attitude to said rag:


    In my last post but one I described one the birds I had photographed as a long-tailed tit, when it was actually a pied wagtail. I have as those following the link will note made the correction to the original post, but I am not going to settle for the blogging equivalent of a correction notice in 6pt type at the bottom of page 27!

    The full post can be viewed on this link: https://aspiblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/tackling-the-mp/

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