Lifelong Tory voters switching to Labour – one tells you why

After reading the SKWAWKBOX’s recent article on UKIP supporters in Staffordshire switching to Labour, which included a Q&A with a former UKIP member about the reasons he is now a wholehearted supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party under him, another Staffordshire resident contacted this blog to give her story.

This one a hitherto-lifelong Tory voter.


Eleanor, a marketing manager for an engineering company, got in touch because she wanted people in nearby Stoke and around the UK to know what they won’t hear from media pundits – that people who’ve never previously supported the Labour party are doing so now, thanks to the authenticity and vision of its leader.

Here are her own words:

I live in Stafford. I’m a working mum and I have ALWAYS voted Tory – until Mr Corbyn.

I was on the original committee for Support Stafford Hospital and I helped organise the march of over 50,000 people for the future of our hospital.

I felt badly let down by the Tories over what happened to our hospital and what is being done to the NHS. In my opinion, if politics has a future Jeremy Corbyn and people like him are it.

He’s a man with morals and principles, who speaks for all the working class people of this country and is taking Labour back to where it should be. It’s time for the country to say ‘no’ – no to silver spoon public school millionaire politicians.

I am now a card carrying Labour member and am in Momentum. I talk to a lot of people and there are many many more like me.

The government won’t call a General Election until they have to, because they know the tide has turned, never mind what pundits say.

We want our voice back, and Jeremy Corbyn gives us that.

The media and right-wing pseudo-Labour politicians have been doing their best to ridicule and undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s misnamed ‘populist relaunch’, finding fault with any ridiculously small issue they can and talking of his supposed ‘disconnect’ with working class people. But it’s not a relaunch, it’s who he is – he is not the usual ‘manufactured’ politician.

The picture portrayed by right-wing media and politicians is a construct. A confection.

One designed to confuse, demoralise and distract people from the grassroots reality the media don’t want to talk about because it would grow even faster if acknowledged its existence.

A few Labour members and a tiny number of career-wedded right-wing MPs and functionaries are desperately fighting that reality because they know they have no place in it – and they want their place, their perks, the prestige they’re addicted to, or the comfort-zone they’re used to.

Without question there are huge battles to be fought and won. But that reality is Tories, UKIPpers – and people who previously never bothered to support anyone because they thought ‘they’re all the same‘ – recognising the real deal when they see it and throwing the weight of their support behind Corbyn and the real Labour vision he represents.

However much vested interests want you to think otherwise.

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  1. Although I can only vouch for a couple of people I have met that were new members of the Labour Party, meeting at social functions, a few ex life long Tories told me they joined because of Jeremy.

    I firmly believe that there are a lot of people that well understand that life doesn’t have to be this way, that they know there is something seriously wrong with the way the economy is being run, but they as yet don’t understand why.

    Neo-Liberalism is in fact strangling the life out of the economy and politicians who support it have to lie to defend it.

  2. I too recently met a retired couple, lifelong Tories who have joined Labour and become active in the party because of Jeremy. These are the ones who are far more relevant than all these skewed post-truth polls.

  3. I seriously believe we are gunna win in 2020 or well b4 that. All these polls are bought by the right wing to say what they want them to say at a price. I believe Labour is a lot closer to the Tories in the pol than they are letting on, May even be well past them. But like the Lady is saying, The media won’t tell us.It’s in their interest not too.

  4. You only have to look on the CONservatives Facebook page to see the contempt and disconnect this party now has with its voters

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