Eagle asked Wallasey CLP to support #OwenSmith – after getting them suspended


It has come to light that Wallasey Labour MP Angela Eagle sent an email to all her local Labour members during the summer’s leadership election, asking them to support challenger Owen Smith.


Two weeks after Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) was suspended for alleged homophobic abuse she supposedly ‘faced’ – at a meeting she didn’t attend – depriving them even of the right to nominate their preferred leadership candidate.

Here’s the email, sent from Ms Eagle’s own parliamentary email address:

eagle email.jpg

As you can see, the ‘reply-to’ address is also her official parliamentary email. One has to wonder whether this might have been behind many of the supposedly ‘abusive’ emails she is said – but still has not evidenced – her office received. I know that if I received such an email in such circumstances, I would have a few choice words to send.

One member wrote instead to Labour HQ, demanding to know what was going on – as use of member email lists during a suspension would probably be a violation of party rules. To date – 5 months later – no reply has been received to that email (or others sent on a different topic, but those will be addressed in a separate article).

It’s already clear that the allegations against Wallasey members are a demonstrable stitch-up and, in at least one instance proven to be false. But canvassing members to vote for a candidate after having them suspended?

If any further evidence were needed that Ms Eagle holds the majority of her members – whose suspension has still not been lifted – in absolute contempt and is unfit to serve as their MP, this nails that case tight closed. It’s not hard to imagine that the ongoing suspension of the CLP is not unconnected to the likelihood of an immediate vote of no-confidence were it reinstated.

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  1. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    Yes, the deliberate abuse of party data lists to further Owen Smith’s election chances against Corbyn. Here’s me thinking such lists are restricted to specialised internal use and not to be taken advantage of.

    Surely this is another breach of internal Labour Party rules. Or are people like Angela Eagle waved through and given carte blanche from the party’s soon-to-be hauled over the coals general secretary to drive a coach and horses through such things?

  2. On a side issue, but still a very important one. Reading a section from the Angela Eagle email… “A party that … led the fight against some of the greatest injustices in our society.”

    Very true. I don’t deny that Labour has made huge strides and achieved much for working people over the years, the decades. But more recently, as we got into the 90s, it all kind of fell away and the help became diluted, half-hearted or worse, became extended to bankers, arms dealers and other miserable, dangerous, legalised bandits…

    And it’s cruelly ironic that over a nine year period, a large number of learning disabled Wallasey people (Angela Eagle’s constituents) had their bank accounts plundered by the local Wirral Labour Council when they were unlawfully charged for their supported living accommodation in Moreton. A total figure of £736,756.97 was taken from their bank accounts. The whistleblower on this and a whole lot more sordid and illegal behaviour, social worker Martin Morton, was forced out of his job.

    The question was: Where was Angela Eagle? And the answer was: Nowhere to be seen. Why? Because the abuse was all being overseen, denied, defended, minimised, covered up by then leader Steve Foulkes, a longstanding supporter of her and Frank Field.

    I wonder whether she kept any of the pleading letters that must have flooded in from the families of these people, at least five of whom are now dead.

    Horrible to see her today tweeting about the departure of powerful EU mandarin Sir Ivan Rogers, then deleting it 5 minutes later, but staying mute and lying absolutely prostrate when her Labour backers raided the bank accounts of local Wirral people … her powerless, vulnerable constituents.

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