McNicol responds to Wallasey exec report – investigating them for writing it

Labour General Secretary Iain McNicol

As regular readers of this blog will know, Wallasey CLP (Constituency Labour Party) has been suspended for months following allegations of homophobic and other abuse – allegations that proved to be baseless but which have still been used by the party’s NEC (National Executive Committee) ‘Disputes Panel’ to keep the party suspended until at least the new year.

Wallasey’s executive committee wrote a 102-page report in response to the NECDP’s woefully inadequate and skewed investigation and its glaring inconsistencies and sent this to the party’s General Secretary, Iain McNicol.

Now McNicol has responded – by ignoring the evidence it presented and criticising the exec for writing the report. And by launching a new investigation into them for writing it. Here is an extract from an email circulated to local Labour and Momentum members:

mcnic wallasey.png

McNicol has been the subject of no-confidence votes by various CLPs, including Garston & Halewood, just across the Mersey from Wallasey, because of the wave of suspensions and expulsions across the party during the recent leadership election. Wallasey CLP is, of course, unable to hold such a vote, as it is still suspended.

The hubris and shamelessness of his response to the detailed, thoroughly-researched and meticulously-presented counter-report by the elected executive of the Wallasey party simply underscore why those no-confidence motions have been so overwhelmingly carried.

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  1. Iain McNicholl and others are determined to make sure Labour lose the next election. Of course they will blame Corbyn. The truth is these people have lost the last two elections. McNicholls incompetence has had the party fined for election expenses irregularities. This is a pre planned attack on the party and its members. There needs to be a purge of these people now.

  2. In my opinion I reckon Labour first will be working hard to recruit ‘new’ members for the Wallasey those that helped to bring about the suspension of course will be welcome they will elect each other for CLP roles so the MP will be safe, I suspect this will happen in other CLP’s over time, just those who have murmured the word deselection.
    Maybe my imagination is running away with me, who knows!

  3. It just keeps getting worse, I was suspended and asked why and they didn’t even respond, I am still in the dark. regarding Wallasey I am at a loss why this has gone so far other than to protect Eagle, it is dishonest of McNicol to have not listened to the CLP and gone ahead the way he has, My honest opinion is he is trying to drive people away from the Party. he and his PLP have driven a wedge between the Labour Party and the Public and wont quickly be forgiven, he cannot come back at a later date and say it’s time to reunite and forgive and forget, he is a fool if he thinks that will work.

  4. Can this 102 page report be read online? If so, does anyone have a link to it? Thanks

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