‘Dragged along street by her hijab’ yet MSM ignore. Sometimes no news is #fakenews

If you live outside Essex, you probably don’t know that 10 days ago a young Muslim woman was knocked to the ground by two men in Chingford and dragged along the pavement by her hijab. She was reportedly left lying there for 20 minutes after the attack, before two other men helped her into a nearby restaurant and called the emergency services.

Hearteningly, a large number of local people turned out this week for an anti-Islamophobia protest – but both this major incident and the resulting protest have been absent from national print and broadcast media.

Could this be:

a) because the mainstream media knows its incessant xenophobia and Islamophobia is behind the relentless rise in hate-crimes, especially after the Brexit vote made some racist idiots feel empowered?

b) because it doesn’t suit the narrow-minded worldview the majority of the media are trying to promote?

c) because making people aware of such things, well, makes people aware and they want us dulled and navel-gazing?

d) All of the above?

More than ever, getting the word out about what really matters is the responsibility of alternative media and social media users. Which may be why the media is happy to keep putting out reports about supposed ‘fake news‘ when the real fake news is as often by omission as by invention.

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  1. Firstly, no-one should be attacked in the street. It’s outrageous.

    Secondly, if you wear the uniform of a violent minority that uses terror tactics to attack Western societies, is it really surprising that some hothead will attack you? Had it been muslim men attacking a Western woman, she would have been gang-raped and the crime hushed up in the interests of ‘not offending muslims’ (think of the Rochdale grooming gang, how long their activities lasted and the sheer scale of it – horrific).

    Thirdly, the last couple of years have seen hundreds of French and German deaths and serious injury caused by islamic terror attacks. How is it possible to champion the rights of just one unassimilated muslim in the UK who, in her own view, has only half the value of a man, and not mention the broader picture of death and suffering caused by this woman’s community?

    I really do think the Left has lost the plot with its obscessive hatred for Western culture. The timing of this blog post with its nonsensical line of argument and so close to the Berlin attack is just crass.

    1. Jesus, Marge – it’s a head-covering, not a uniform. There’s simply no excuse for two men assaulting a woman like that.

    2. What a truly moronic comment. She is a terrorist is she? Can we see the evidence please? According to your argument, it is perfectly reasonable for radicalised muslims to attack westerners because we have been bombing and destabilising their nations for decades, if not centuries. That is bullshit playground nonsense. Grow up, woman.

      1. Hi, mattoid.

        I didn’t write that the alleged victim was a terrorist. My comment said that the alleged attack on her was outrageous.

        I then wrote that she was signalling allegiance to a group espousing terrorism, misogyny and intolerance by her choice of head-covering. With so many people dead at the hands of islamists, this inevitably carries risks which she must have known about.

        Finally, I criticized Mr Skwawkbox for not mentioning the extensive pain and suffering caused by this woman’s community to give his article context and balance.

        You need to learn to read more critically and intelligently before venturing to comment. “Man” 😉 .

  2. You really don’t like Muslims, do you?
    This was a human being walking the streets of the UK. Man/woman/christian/muslim/white/brown/black/gay/straight or anything else you can think of to divide us,it makes no difference, We should all be hanging our heads in shame. End of…….

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