If you want to share Corbyn’s Xmas message tweet, please use THIS version

Whether deliberately or otherwise, the Labour party’s official social media team has screwed up its post of Jeremy Corbyn’s excellent Christmas message by squashing a wide-screen version into 4:3 into their tweet of it, so he looks wrong – as if he’s been pressed in from the sides.

So if you want to share it – as I recommend you do – please use the version below, from his own media team’s feed, which is perfect. It’s not hard to get right, so draw your own conclusions about why Labour’s ‘teamglitterballs’ enthusiast messed it up.

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  1. Maybe it was deliberate – the whole party machine is anti-Corbyn, sabotaging its own party. The general level of PR is terrible and until the party can properly get behind him, his message will never get out there.

  2. Actually the party’s current head of social media led Corbyn’s social media campaign in the 2015 leadership election. Not everything is a conspiracy. Unless it’s on this site or The Canary.

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