Watson publishes ‘fake news’ inquiry terms. Will he answer these questions?

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson has published the ‘terms of reference’ of his ‘inquiry’ into so-called ‘fake news. This deeply-problematic exercise is being run by Michael Dugher, a right-wing Labour MP who has written anti-Corbyn articles in The Sun and the Daily Mail, two of the worst purveyors of misleading or simply invented ‘news’.

A Merseyside Labour member has challenged Watson to answer 5 simple, but brilliantly incisive, questions. Watson’s answers to these questions – or his failure to respond – will show whether this ‘inquiry’ has anything to do with a genuine concern for promoting good information or is simply, as it has appeared so far, a farcical vehicle for attacking ‘inconvenient’ independent sources of news that reveal perspectives Watson and his allies would prefer to keep out of the public view.

Here are the five questions:



If you share her, and my, interest in the answers and belief that Watson is morally obliged to provide them, please contact him via Twitter or Facebook to tell him so and please share this article so that others have the opportunity to do the same.

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  1. Don’t hold your breath. Will those like Iain McNicholl and co either resign, Apologise to those suspended for no reason. Return the money to those robbed of a vote? Will they thank Jeremy Corbyn for saving the party from financial ruin. No I don’t think so either

  2. My issue would be a mainstream one that was “fake covered” by virtually all UK newspapers and followed by a ringing endorsement in the shape of an IPSO refusal to accept that there were inaccuracies. It”s the Angela Eagle “bricked office window” that was in truth a shared stairwell.

    I could take it to Watson on Twitter but he blocked me when I pointed out proven Labour council disabled abuse when £736,756.97 was plundered from personal bank acounts over a 9 year period.

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