Benefit sanction overturned thanks to SKWAWKBOX article – could this help you?

Important, please share this widely. Hundreds of thousands of people are unfairly sanctioned each year and this could help a significant number of them. Thank you.


Some time ago, a reader of this blog wrote to me to inform me that a SKWAWKBOX article he’d read had resulted in an unjust benefit sanction against him being overturned. I’ll let him tell it in his own words:

Hi, just a quick note about your blog post regarding Jobseeker’s Agreements.

I recently got a 28 day sanction for allegedly not spending enough time on my jobsearch.

I supplied information of 26 job applications and the lovely decision makers decided that this was not reasonable!

Through research, I found your blog and it was a massive help to the Mandatory Consideration that I supplied.

The Sanction was overturned and so I’d just like to thank you for writing such a helpful guide to the actual Law involved.

Kind Regards, Rob.

The article in question contains information written by a former Jobcentre Plus manager and details the legal and procedural flaws in many sanctions resulting from ‘Jobseeker Agreements’.

The successful appellant has kindly given consent for the full appeal documentation to be made available on the SKWAWKBOX, includin an editable appeal template and a full copy of the judgment, so these are linked below in case they are useful to you or someone you know. Please share widely so more people can successfully contest the government’s brutal and targeted sanctions regime.

The SKWAWKBOX is offered free of charge but if you are able to support its work on a monthly or one-off basis via the ‘donate’ button above, it will be hugely helpful.




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