No, Clive Lewis is NOT aiming for Labour leader – but he DID warn of ‘mischief’ from the right

The Daily (yuck) Mail is claiming today that Shadow Business Secretary Clive Lewis is ‘plotting’ to take over the Labour leadership.


Two key Labour insiders who know Lewis well have informed the SKWAWKBOX that nothing could be further from the truth:

Clive says he has plenty on his plate between his constituency responsibilities and Shadow Business Secretary role and a bid for the leadership couldn’t be further from his mind.

What’s more, at Labour’s Hackney North Christmas dinner last week, where Clive was special guest, he warned the audience during his speech that the right-wing press would be planning mischief to undermine himself, Jeremy Corbyn and the movement. Clearly, he was spot on.

The SKWAWKBOX also has information that at least one right-wing Labour faction is involved in starting and spreading the rumour, but the focus should be squarely on the mischief-making right-wing press – and on the question why, if Corbyn’s Labour is genuinely as unelectable as they claim, they feel the need to undermine his leadership in this way.

Clive Lewis one of several excellent MPs and Shadow Cabinet members who will make excellent leaders in due course, but they stand solidly behind Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership and rumours to the contrary are malicious nonsense.

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  1. Why are those on the right who are deliberately fund raising to bring down the democratically elected leadership not expelled? Perhaps we should publish a list of all those right wing Labour MPs who think it is ok to ignore the members choice. There should be a clear out urgently.

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