The SKWAWKBOX needs your help


Since I started this blog in 2012 I’ve never tried to commercialise it – any adverts you might see are put there by WordPress in return for providing the blog platform free of charge – and I’ve always resisted doing so.

It’s been a labour of love and of a passion to get the word out on things you won’t hear in the mainstream media and still is – but it takes a lot of time to research, prepare and write.

Now a combination of various changes of circumstance means I need to generate some regular funds and I’m hoping kind regular readers may be able to help.

I’m hoping to find a small – relative to the SKWAWKBOX’s readership – group of people who are willing and able to contribute a few pounds a month so I can continue to provide it free of charge to everyone who visits.

I know a lot of readers of this blog are facing their own tough circumstances, so I don’t ask lightly or wish anyone to feel pressured.

Around £1,000 a month is the crucial figure, so I’m hoping to find 100 people who can afford £10 a month, or 200 a fiver and so on. Those who support will – if they want to be – be recognised on the ‘about’ page of the blog for their generosity.

If you’re able to help, please click here or use the ‘donate’ button above to set up a monthly PayPal donation and drop me a line on to let me know whether you’d like to be included on the public supporters’ list and, if you would, what details should be shown. One-off donations are of course also always welcome.

If you can’t help directly, please share this. If you can, then you have my sincere thanks and appreciation.

11 responses to “The SKWAWKBOX needs your help

  1. I will pay £1 a month as I already pay lots to different things (including UNITE after reading your story about Len) and am only a student. Thanks for writing such a fantastic blog.

  2. Just realised the donate button is only on the Web edition, and until today I’d only discovered the email edition. May cause confusion.

  3. Looking at donating as you provide a great service to the Labour left. You really should try if you want to try the monthly donation model. Alot of content makers/journalists use it and it really seems to help generate some substantial cash flow to keep creative people creating. Heres a good example:

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