Orange/EE resolved (more or less): the apology

Well, with the help of all my friends and supporters on this blog and on social media, the problems with Orange/EE have finally been resolved. Well, more or less.

I received a call from a very pleasant and polite man from their executive office, who told me at length about how sorry they were and how unsatisfactory their performance had been. The supposed ‘debt’ of £10.97 would be immediately cancelled, and they would be contacting the 3 credit reference agencies today to get them to wipe all trace of the matter from my credit record.

If only their call-centre team had taken a similar approach, the whole thing would have been far less painful (and you’d all probably have never heard about it). But I guess it shows you have to stir up a storm sometimes to make an progress against Big Corporate.

So, the issue is more or less sorted – but there has been no offer of recompense from EE/Orange for the considerable inconvenience and embarrassment, a matter which I am still pursuing with them. At least my credit record should very shortly be restored, which was the most urgent matter.

My thanks to EE’s reasonable spokesman. And my very big, heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped me increase the pressure on them by propagating the blog articles around the internet and by providing very helpful suggestions on how to deal with the problem.


  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    A commenter on my own blog recently took issue with me for suggesting that people power could ever have any influence over large corporations such as (in that case) Twitter when resolving disputes. I wonder if that same person will take that same stance on this case?

  2. Well I thought we were just getting warmed up! Considering what you were trying to do at the time, I don’t think asking for recompense is unreasonable.
    In my little experience of a business account, each bank is different, and just because 1 doesn’t want you doesn’t mean that another doesn’t. Good Luck.

  3. Without your blog you would just be laughed at and ignored and left with a damaged credit score and unable to go elsewhere.

    1. I suspect that’s true. But Twitter and Facebook were a factor – and anyone without a blog can always try to enlist someone with one, I guess.

  4. First Congrats – the satisfaction must be huge 🙂

    I’m with Mike, this is real evidence of just what public pressure can achieve xxx

  5. good for you – really pleased this has been resolved – or at least steps are being made. your actions will, hopefully, have made it easier for others who find themselves in the same situation.

  6. I’m really pleased that you got what you needed, and I take as much delight as you do for not bowing down to such a big corporation 🙂

  7. I have a long outstanding issue with Tmobile. Upto date didn’t know how to go about it – basically, they deliberately put me on experian and equifax as a defaulter since 2007 which I recently gathered – clearly they have done damages. When I contacted them, they referred it solicitor bailiff I settled the amount which is 11.79 pence plus their fee. The still failed to correct the record and more so I have received a letter from different solicitor bailiff demanding the same amount. something truly going wrong here, I checked my bank detail stretching 2007 in which I settled the bill and ended the contract but carry on as pay as you go since the number I have used for long time and long standing friends still use it to call me.
    I am seeking refund
    I am seeking my name being cleared
    I am seeking damages for their deliberate and calculated wrongful financial credit reporting – defamation for such lengthy period ( I hope to convince my MP and perhaps there would be wider public support for Fair Credit reporting Act in the UK – in Ireland this already a law since last month – see : http://www.finance.gov.ie/news-centre/press-releases/credit-reporting-act-2013
    “The Credit Reporting Act, 2013 takes effect from the 27th January 2014. The legislation provides for the establishment, maintenance and operation of a Central Credit Register by the Central Bank of Ireland.”
    Dear Mr Walker could you assist in this matter.

  8. Steve! Please help me! Just read your blog on the orange/EE saga!

    Last week I received a letter from a debt collection agency stating that I owe £413 for a contract that I ended in 2011. Orange call centre told me it had been renewed by mistake and I have never had a letter or any correspondence from them regarding this matter until last week.

    I’ve already spent hours on phone calls, writing emails etc. any info or contact you have would be much appreciated!



  9. I’m suffering the same problem with an old orange account.
    Having just been refused a mortgage due to poor credit. I have checked my credit report and discovered orange have put a default on my account for £17 on a contract which I settled in 2009 and got a pac code to go to another provider. I have had no correspondence from Orange at any time and was unaware of this default until recently.
    I have seen you had a very similar issue. Can you give me any advice. I have sent an email to their complaint department as the call centres are no use but still awaiting a reply.

    1. If you’ve been refused a mortgage because of it, that’s pretty major news – I’d suggest contacting Randeep Ramesh at the Guardian about it to see if he’ll run some kind of feature. Contact your local newspapers, too.

  10. This is a message for Jim Phillips who my wife has been speaking to regarding our EE broadband, can you urgently telephone me on 07831294024 thanks

  11. I have had the exact same problem….upgraded from Orange to EE as that was the only way to stay with Orange
    I was told I would receive no more bills from Orange but EE(call not available to listen to)….cut long story short.
    Thought I’d check my credit file as do time to time..was shocked to see a negative marker…outstanding bill to orange.
    My bills are normally 150 a month for business purposes.
    Anyway called EE who transferred me to orange who then gave me a number for debt collection agency to pay 80 pound which I did.
    I’m guessing this amount was from when u switched from Orange to EE I had no letters calls or when I called to pay my bill that I have outstanding bI’ll.
    Spent 4 hours with orange eventually a manger who agreed to credit my bill of 82 pound as a good will…i didn’t accept it and looking to go to ofcom so opps manager will call me before Goes to executive complaints..part there process.
    I applied for a loan as I’m buying a property and yesterday I did a loan application it was refused.I have legal bills etc to pay as sale has fallen through..how works in Scotland.till I don’t get them paid I will go to ofcom.
    Keep youa posted

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