Lest we forget what’s being done to this country.. Watch and share widely!

Under the relentless media onslaught designed to mislead, to muddy the waters and to make us miss or forget what the Tories have done, and continue to do, to this country – to all of us and especially the most vulnerable – it’s easy to forget, or be distracted from, the (literally) brutal truth of it.

So please, please share this widely via every available avenue:

If the Tories made a Facebook movie…


  1. Also (another rant) – if UKSA can downgrade all police crime statistics once they’re forced to admit the source of the stats has been dodgy for years – don’t NHS patients/funders similarly deserve any health stats relating to the NHS to be compiled & released in a professional rather than sensational manner?


    Or doesn’t the Govt consider those relying on, or preferring to contribute to, a fair health system to merit anything but headline lies?

    Considering we eat less Natural Home Grown Food now and more processed junk it is surprising we are actually living longer .Has our Wellbeing been enhanced .Has our Social environment changed for the Better .Does job satisfaction hold the key .Does regular Exercise help our decreasing years .
    Are we Better School Educated .Are we less Stressed .
    Exercise is about the only named above that has any bearing on Longevity in the context of this post
    For centuries we have been oppressed ,taught to be subservient culminating in our thoughts and free spirit being repressed .
    Politically that is how we have been controlled over the years by repression .Stress in the Biggest Killer of people .After WW11- late 50’s until early 70’s allotments sprung up all over the Country .New Social Housing projects were being built throughout .You could leave one job one day and walk into another the next .We had a system of Education whereby the Brighter children went to Grammar Schools and the Less Bright to Secondary Modern Comprehensive schools that taught us the fundamentals of Maths ,English and prepared us for the Bigger world of work .
    They were really good years Governed by Labour and Tory alternately .The Rot started with Thatcher carried on by Blair and now Cameron has Brought in Draconian Laws that oppress and repress us because we have learnt to see through all Politicians and that we have lived a lie for years through them .We now have a Voice and they do not like it – Less stressed more frustrated .Drastic measures were needed to get us back under control ,Welfare Reform – nothing to do with Austerity .
    Look at Social cohesion now –Failed ,Education Failed ,Work satisfaction Failed ,Healthy Eating Failed all in the name of Materialism and Control .They don’t want us to Live Longer .Non Tax paying McDonalds ,Liverpool Care Pathway ,Privatisation of NHS .Ambulance Emergency Attendances .New Medical Helpline .FAILURES ? Workfare ,Benefit Sanction ,Atos Assessments ,Bedroom Tax .
    The EU and Germany’s Merkel have another 28 Countries to Control –we the Public are on our own. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, perhaps the most powerful woman on earth and the principal engineer behind Europe’s campaign to resolve its debt crisis, has shrugged off a new book that claims she was a very active member of the Communist Party during her youth in (then) East Germany.

    It is one year since Thatcher died – Britain Died under her 35 years ago .She created the Materialistic Monster Britain is Today .She Decimated any jobs that sustained the Population .She Sold off all Public Utilities .She Encouraged Greed Selfishness and a Dog Eat Dog Mentality .She Held Offshore Trusts . She gave Jimmy Savile endless Publicity for his Charitable Work whilst hiding the Knowledge of a Paedophile Ring within Government ,Entertainment and the Law .May there be Mercy upon you and your supporters .
    You can Rest in Peace after the Irrepairable Damage you have Done to Britain and Politics .

  4. BROKEN BRITISH POLITICS – CAMERON IS LIKE A TENACIOUS REPEATING BANGING DRUM – His Lies are still Lies – Email From Cameron and his Conservatives
    The EU is heading in a direction Britain never signed up to.( A) We the Public are well aware of that situation .
    That’s why the European Elections on May 22nd are so important. They’re your chance to vote for real change in Europe.(A) That’s why I am not listening to your deceitful Lies .
    As Prime Minister, I’ve stood up for Britain’s interests – securing a cut in the EU budget to protect British taxpayers, and vetoing a new EU Fiscal Treaty that didn’t guarantee a level playing field for British businesses.(A) Forget us the Public ,the Actual Back Bone of Britain just look after your Chums in Business .
    But we need to go further. I will renegotiate our relationship with the EU, bringing power back to Britain and away from Brussels:
    Keeping our border controls and cracking down on benefit tourism (A) You have had four years to do that and Merkel and the EU have already categorically told you that Open Borders are here to Stay . Securing more trade but not an ‘ever closer union’ (A) An Impossibility to Secure more Reliable Trade without the Financial Closer Ties Involved .
    Getting a better deal for British taxpayers .(A) Why now you have never bothered about the British Taxpayers since you have been in Office .
    Then I’ll give you the final decision on our membership of the EU with an in-out referendum by the end of 2017.(A) It will be Nothing to do with you it is written in Law a Referendum has to happen whoever is in.
    Labour and the Lib Dems won’t stand up for Britain, while UKIP simply can’t deliver on anything they promise.(A) you have Used both Parties to get your Draconian Policies through Parliament ,having used them for your own ends similar to everyone else you are in contact with they are now Expendable .As for UKIP unable to keep promises you in Government have promised numerous things but reneged on All .
    So if you want real change in Europe, join our campaign today. Sign up for one of the Action Days happening across the country, and help deliver real change in Europe.(A)The only change this Country wants to see is Your Deceitful Lying Face and the Rest of your crew in Opposition for Years to come .
    YES – I’d like to volunteer (A) To be the first to kick your Lying Posterior out of Downing Street .
    NO – but I’d like to donate. (A) I would like to donate my Opinion for future Reference That The Tories have Irreparably Damaged the United Kingdom Beyond Recognition .
    Thanks, David Cameron signature

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