Please take a look at this excellent exposé of the real Andrew Mitchell, and the treatment of an honest and honourable police officer.


  1. Andrew Mitchell has a history of aggression against police(wo)men who were merely trying to protect him while enforcing security rules they’d been told to observe


    PC James Patrick has a history of honesty, intelligence, bravery & loyalty towards the (now) potentially honourable profession of public service policing and was merely trying to protect the public and point out political corruption for all to observe


    Andrew Mitchell has a history of arrogance and bullying and persuaded C4 to transmit a distorted view of the incident which forced his resignation


    PC Patrick has a history of 4 commendations for bravery from the police, is credited with persuading the PASC Chair to convene a special session for his evidence, UKSA to downgrade police crime figures, was described in a leader article in The Times as having “performed an important service”, experienced bully-boy tactics by his employer which affected his wife and two young children – and has just resigned


    One of the main recommendations from the Francis enquiry into Mid Staffs was to enshrine the primacy of patient sovereignty. Despite lip service, Jeremy Hunt baulked at the effect this would have on the large U.S. conglomerates he has lined up to cream NHS profits once the new EU-US trade pact beds in, so has unilaterally dropped it


    One of the main recommendations from the PASC session at which PC Patrick gave evidence was to enshrine the primacy of victim sovereignty so that, for example, rape victims with vulnerable characteristics would have their allegations recorded immediately as crimes rather than allowing investigating officers to persuade already traumatised victims to withdraw the allegations, merely in order to improve crime figures.

    Having now lost PC Patrick, who can ensure the Met is forced to put the welfare of victims in its care above the bonuses of its management?


    Welcome to the UK. You’re welcome to it..

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