Tory PCC wants to charge the arrested for cost of a cell – but misses point

I just saw on BBC News that Hertfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner David Lloyd – a Tory, of course – want to charge arrested people for the cost of a night in a police cell. This cost is estimated at £400, and Lloyd was interviewed spouting the typical right-wing ‘Why should the taxpayer carry the cost…’.

Mr Lloyd misses the point. Being arrested does not make you guilty of anything. Thankfully, in spite of our Tory-led government, in this country it still requires a court process before you’re considered guilty of a crime. Lloyd’s stance would involve charging a lot of innocent people – some technically and some actually – for something that happened to them against their wishes.

An idiotic idea, but sadly all too typical of the right to penalise people for things that are beyond their control, while blaming and demonising them for it – just ask the unemployed and disabled. When will these blinkered people realise that some things just cost public money – and are worth it?

It’s very scary that we have any  Tory PCCs at all, when you think about it.


  1. As regards charges for Police hospitality and room services: Remember, remember how the tories taxed daylight……………Names and faces have mutated but unfortunately the brains are still the same….

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