SW NHS cartel’s ‘Comms Lead’ set ‘pernicious viper’ address on its site

I wrote this morning about the ‘pernicious viper’ contact email address on the South West Pay Terms and Consortium email address (SWC), and what it said about the morality and aims of this de facto cartel.

One comment on Twitter – from a union – not unreasonably suggested that, while interesting, the selection of the email address may not be significant, as it was probably someone’s personal email address.

It seems that it is indeed someone’s email address, but this doesn’t remove the significance of the selection – because the person put it on the website appears to be a central figure performing a key role within the SWC: Jon Fisher, Communications Manager of Poole NHS Trust and ‘Communications Lead’ of the SWC.

On 28 August last year, Mr Fisher sent this message to Peter Hill (by then Interim Chief Executive of Salisbury NHS Trust):



Make of it what you will!

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