Starmer’s disgusting Gaza amendment – no ceasefire, just longer pauses

Starmer’s victim-blaming amendment still ‘reaffirms’ Israel’s actions but asks genocidal apartheid regime to pause a bit more than four hours

The appalling wording of Keir Starmer’s proposed amendment to the King’s Speech avoids any mention of the word ‘ceasefire’, expresses only a feeble ‘wish’ for less violence and spends far more time ‘reaffirming’ Israel than talking about even the pathetic ‘longer pauses’ in the occupiers’ relentless bombing of civilians in schools, hospitals, refugee camps and homes:

Keir Starmer
Angela Rayner
David Lammy
Yvette Cooper
Lisa Nandy
Sir Alan Campbell

At end add – “and submit to Your Majesty that this House wishes to see an end to the violence in Israel and Palestine; unequivocally condemns the horrific terrorist attack and murder of civilians by Hamas, calls for the immediate release of all hostages and reaffirms Israel’s right to defend its citizens from terrorism; believes all human life is equal and that there has been too much suffering, including far too many deaths of innocent civilians and children, over the past month in Gaza; reaffirms the UK’s commitment to the rules based international order, international humanitarian law and the jurisdiction of the ICC to address the conduct of all parties in Gaza and Hamas’s attacks in Israel; calls on Israel to protect hospitals and lift the siege conditions allowing food, water, electricity, medicine and fuel into Gaza; requests the Government continue to work with the international community to prevent a wider escalation of the conflict in the region, guarantee that people in Gaza who are forced to flee during this conflict can return to t heir homes and seek an end to the expansion of illegal settlements and settler violence in the West Bank; and, while acknowledging the daily humanitarian pauses to allow in aid and the movement of civilians, believe they must be longer to deliver humanitarian assistance on a scale that begins to meet the desperate needs of the people of Gaza, which is a necessary step to an enduring cessation of fighting as soon as possible and a credible, diplomatic and political process to deliver the lasting peace of a two-state solution.”

The ‘two-state solution’ is a farce and a fiction pushed by politicians who support Israeli apartheid – what little remains of Palestine is too fragmented and the right-wing extremists running Israel are open in saying they have no intention of allowing Palestinians to operate a functional state. Labour, long dead since Starmer became what passes for its leader, is a rotting corpse poisoning the political waters of this country.

Starmer reportedly avoided Monday night’s weekly meeting of Labour MPs and peers, allowing the woeful Lammy to take the flak at a ‘bin fire’ of a meeting. At least half a dozen, probably more, of Starmer’s front bench are said to be planning to vote instead for the SNP’s amendment demanding a ceasefire. And given the above and the toxic, murderous stench emanating from Starmer’s office, it is the least they should be doing.

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  1. “guarantee that people in Gaza who are forced to flee during this conflict can return to their homes” – yeah, those that are still standing!

    Jesus wept – as indeed he would if he got round to making his second coming. In fact he’d throw a fit that would make his turning over the tables of the money-lenders look like a mild admonishment by comparison.

  2. Well today we’re gonna see just who’s who.

    Earlier reports told of at least a dozen (potential) front bench rebels. Skwawky says it’s a half-dozen.

    So we’ll learn (as if we didn’t already know) who the mouthpieces are. The careerists. The weasels. The handwringers.

    But we’ll ALWAYS know who the shithouses are.

    AFAIC it’s anyone who’s backed and ingratiated themselves to keef since 2020. Denying UK kids a meal, punishing the poor, refusing to make the rich pay their way and the continual endorsement
    & approval of, combined with the abject failure to oppose the rags, was reprehensible enough.

    Now the rags are planning to sendnthe sick & disabled out to do jobs they aren’t capable of – AGAIN.

    And I’ve neither read, nor heard, a bastard peep from any of them about it.

    So it comes as NO surprise they couldn’t give less of a fuck about Palestinians being butchered wholesale.

    NEVER forget. NEVER forgive.

  3. And last night they showed some idf beaut inside a children’s hospital (looked like that rear admiral they have fronting their bullshit from behind a lectern but cant be sure).

    This prick said proof there had been hostages there was that there were nappies (diapers) on the floor – in a CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL FFS – and that a calendar in Arabic on the wall with dates from Oct 7 crossed off proved beyond doubt it was a hamas centre of operation.

    The weapons cache they showed (there wasn’t much there considering it was supposedly an hamas HQ) could’ve been taken there from anywhere in theatre of operation. But no. There they were, all neatly laid out together. I guess they’re a very tidy lot, that hamas.

    Those gobshites need to be repeatedly punched squarely in the face for insulting my intelligence. 🤜💥🤕

    1. Or you could just stop watching the MSM shit and stick to Al Jazeera. I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken off the air like RT!

    2. Makes one wonder how long they can keep this genius intelligence agency Mossad bollocks going for. Who apart from the mentally halt would believe a minute of that shit? Oh yeah, our shadow front bench.

  4. I just want to share an extract from an email I have received this morning from a Palestinian group in the US.

    ” Shubair Family Killed in Israeli Airstrike

    It is with utmost grief and sadness that we write to inform you of the tragic loss of Professor Mohammad Eid Shubair, his wife Rehab Mohamad Shubair, their daughter-in-law Najat Ayoub Alhelo, and their eldest son, Muhammad Malik Shubair in an Israeli airstrike on their home in the vicinity of the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

    Professor Shubair is the father-in-law of our Chicago chapter board member, Alaa Abusamaan. We offer our deepest condolences to Alaa and his wife Hoda Shubair over the devastating loss of their loved ones.

    Professor Mohammad Eid Shubair was a well-respected scholar and president of the Islamic University in Gaza. Beloved by all in his community, his loss has sent shockwaves across Gaza and the world. Their home, in the immediate vicinity of the Al Shifa hospital, was bombed just three days ago. Those who survived the bombing and attempted to walk the close distance to the hospital were shot dead by Israeli forces besieging the hospital.

    The savagery of this genocidal rampage has destroyed any semblance of humanity expected from an occupying power such as Israel. The indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza has taken the lives of many relatives and friends of our staff and community members. The immense pain and trauma we’ve all experienced this month is indescribable. ”

    I have told my (Labour) MP, to not support a ceasefire is unconscionable. People won’t forget this.

    1. Don’t forget to give him or her plenty of time to make up their minds. You can’t just rush into a decision about something like this. Let me explain. You are a lower order pleb. You think that baby burning is not a good thing on the whole. Let me reiterate, you are a beast that works and votes. You are there for me.
      I am an MP. What else do you need to know? Now pleb, get on the phone, the knock and the envelopes. I’m filling in my exes. Anyone calls I’ve got convid for three weeks at least. Do you understand? Don’t you want to stay in the party that you have devoted 20 odd years of your life to. Shut up and let me think deeply about the hospitals in, where did you say they were again.
      Ho hum, taxi to children’s charity 40 quid, fa cup tie, fuck me scrap that, coat to give homeless a cake 79.50 quid. It never ends. Gawd nearly forgot. Rent for London flat.

  5. The many problems of this weasel statement start early on with the claim:

    “unequivocally condemns the horrific terrorist attack and murder of civilians by Hamas”

    Simply because no critical scrutiny of that original claim from one of the belligerents in this conflict has even been permitted never mind applied.

    This is despite a plethora of evidence which calls into question this claim from eyewitnesses, survivors, and even active participants from within Israel itself and the Israeli media that the IDF shot and shelled their own civilians and Palestinian military indiscriminately. not to mention the contradiction in the number and category of victims – military as well as civilians – from the officially produced figures published in Haaratz.

    Everything which has followed since has been predicated on a premise that has not been adequately, never mind properly, tested and scrutinised.

    As pointed out by Jonathan Cook here…..

    …..continuing to push this Official Narrative in the absence of proper due process is fundamentally flawed.

    Any approach based on such a premise is simply disingenuous hot air which is deliberately produced to justify the unjustifiable.

    That the Starmer regime continues to set itself steadfastly against any and all due process norms, standards and principles – preferring instead to create and brutally enforce the pseudo reality of the controlling oligarchy – is of little surprise given its long record in this regard.

    To coin a currently pertinent meme, ‘when people show you who they are, you should believe them the first time’. Anyone who votes for such people should not complain when they fall foul of the absence of any due process which is the guiding principle of all such bought and paid for ‘hollow men’. Regardless of nominal party rosette.

  6. Self confessed Zionists and “Friends” of the rogue state of Israel which seeks the obliteration of the Palestinian nation are never going to call for a ceasefire which would end the slaughter ie ethnic cleansing of men women and children,the next generation of Palestinians
    This amendment signed by Starmer and the other Zionists (whether by conviction or because they are bought and paid for careerists) is designed to create the impression that they care about the mass murder Israel is inflicting in Gaza and the West Bank but they don’t. If the cared one jot they would utterly condemn Israel, call for an International Criminal Court enquiry and be demanding an immediate ceasefire. They would be asking for the Israeli ambassador to be expelled and diplomatic relations to be cut off not asking for ” pauses” in the slaughter.
    I would say shame on them but the truth is they are utterly shameless for only those without human decency and empathy would fail to support a call for a ceasefire and an end to the massacre of innocents including over 4600 little children.

    1. Just watched Damo. Too upset to post. If that fascist starts with its clack I will respond with unbridled fury. Believe me I have been restrained by big jules.

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