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Cruella sacked – a few hundred more blue and red Tories gone and we might be on the road to a decent country

Braverman gone – for criticising police, not for promoting hate or demonising the homeless, refugees and millions of people who want an end to the slaughter of children

Suella Braverman has been sacked for her comments in an article criticising the police for not being hard enough on peace protesters.

She has not been sacked for demonising refugees, wanting to deport innocent people to Rwanda or smearing millions as antisemites and hate-mongers for wanting an end to Israel’s slaughter of innocent children in Gaza and the bombing of hospitals and schools.

Trouble is, Parliament is teeming with people, on the so-called ‘opposition’ benches as well as the Tory ones, who are scarcely less toxic and eager to demonise the innocent for the sake of the status quo, not to mention impoverish millions – including more than four million UK children – in this country to please the obscenely rich or politically sociopathic.

If we could just sack another five hundred or so of those blue and red Tories, we might get a first foot on the road to returning to being a decent country.

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