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Kim Jong Un or Tony Blair? Starmer mocked for narcissistic conference mag

‘It would be a personality cult if he only had a personality’, says one Labour wag

Keir Starmer has been mocked for the narcissism of plastering his face across the whole front cover of Labour’s conference brochure, after what party insiders say is a genuine image of the brochure leaked:

Activists derided the decision, comparing it to something North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might do – or to Tony Blair’s notorious version of the same thing:

Others thought it looked like a cheesy hairdresser’s poster:

Social media groups and chat systems were full of justified scorn. One party wag told Skwawkbox:

It would be a personality cult if he had a personality’ – but they still don’t seem to get that the more the public sees him, the less popular Labour gets I guess the programming runs deep.

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  1. It proved to be a winning formula for Tony Blair and whether you like it or not it looks like it will prove to be the same for Keir Starmer and Labour.

    1. Yes, you’ve convinced me, Steve. Keir will make a superb PM, in the mould of Tony. Perhaps, even better!

      He’s got my vote, no question about that.

      Thank you, for helping me see the light. The scales have fallen from my eyes.

      I hope others come to the same conclusion.

      1. George – I’m happy to see that you have finally seen sense.

      2. Starmer lost Labour around 8 councils in his first 2yrs. In every local election thousands of Labour votes have gone missing.
        This year in the 3 local elections Labour turnout was down.
        Somerton & Frome Labour 2023 – 1,009 votes, 2019 – 8,354 votes, 2017 – 10,998 votes.
        Uxbridge & South Ruislip Labour 2023 – 13,470 votes, 2019 – 18,141 votes, 2017 – 18,682 (and Lawrence Fox robbed the Tories of votes here).
        The only exception Selby & Ainsty Labour got more votes in 2023 than it did in 2019 but even here this is 3,000 less votes than it did in 2017.

        Is this a testament to how magnetic Starmer’s face is?

      3. Blair was so popular that he destroyed Scotland as a Labour stronghold. Unions disafiliated – including the FBU.
        And 5 million votes dissappeared between 97-2010.
        Kinnock got 11mil votes in 92.
        In the first GE vote after the 97 Tory-Sleeze election Blair started loosing some of Kinnock’s voters down to 10mil in 2001. And this was before he’d started killing and torturing innocent Muslims.
        This is being popular???

      4. So easy to fool you, Steve? So gullible. Keir & Co have known that, all along.

        You’re the original ‘useful idiot’.

      5. Why not George Peel !!!

        Let’s all vote for the Paedo Protector. The rightful heir to Blair……The SirKidStarver.

        He’s got my vote too.

    2. Wish I’d have went all-in on Kleenex shares….

      I’m surprised you’ve got a hand free to type anything, wee paedophobe. Not only that, but your vision’s still adequate to read other’s posts.

    3. But not for the Country or its people – which is the whole point of the exercise.

      If you want to worship something steveH at least choose something with a modicum of efficacy.

  2. Our glorious, devine leader. The light of the people. His most magnificent. The saviour of the motherland. His most devine presence of our forefathers on earth.
    The people’s breath.
    Our light to the future of plenty.
    Kier Rong Un

  3. That top photo(shop) is a belter.

    Looks like some failed host of a shit 70/80s gameshow that never got past a pilot episode on regional tv, and who was likely questioned at length during the ‘Operation Yewtree’ investigation.

    …Quite fitting in a way.

    I might even get a printout and put it in my window at Halloween to prevent the kids from disturbing me when they’re out trick or treating. 🎃

  4. Say what you like about Kim but he’s a serious person, a patriot preserving his country’s sovereignty, not a member of the US Trilateral Commission looking around for neo-liberal governments and institutions to sell his people to, and a fan of the American Empire.

  5. Err….Not quite, bevin.

    Like keef he surrounds himself with his sycophants.

    Like keef, he eliminates any opposition and/or dissent.

    Like keef, he will happily see his people starve if it keeps him in power.

    Like keef, he wants (and doles out) draconian sentences for minor misdemeanours.

    Like keef, he’s a censor.

    Like keef, he has a silly, greasy, oil-slicked barnet

    He’s not much Kim Jong Unlike keef.

    1. Just a stab in the dark here toffee:

      I suspect the point that bevin is attempting is that the list you have provided may well be wholly or even partially accurate.

      However, the question which bevin may well be posing is what sources are the origin of the information items on that list?

      Are they by any chance the same sources (via lies of both omission as well as commission) which, to cite just a few examples consistently insist(ed) and tell/told you/us that:

      – Jeremy Corbyn and everyone labelled as being on the political ‘left’ are rabid racists practicing the worst top of the hierarchy of oppression form of racism?

      – There were WMD’s in Iraq?

      – Babies were ripped out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers in a Kuwaiti hospital during the first Gulf War?

      – A US Navy vessel was attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin?

      – Documentary evidence existed that the Soviet Politburo, through member Zinoviev, were directly financing the British Labour Party?

      – A pure nerve agent many times more lethal than Sarin (Which itself is fatal 7 seconds after exposure) can be present in a crowded environment with a) no deaths and b) no deterioration in its purity level following prolonged exposure to the environment?

      – A KILLER giant squid that can hypnotise its prey and paralyse humans at a distance of 150 feet using poisonous venom is being developed as a secret weapon by Vladimir Putin?*


      – Despite being acquitted on the basis of actual evidence, Alex Salmond was and is guilty of the rape allegations against him?

      – Despite the case collapsing through a total absence of viable substantive evidence, the ‘Russiagate’ election interference conspiracy theory is true?

      – Regardless of the reams of documentary evidence – long available – from Hunter Biden’s laptop of the criminal activities of the Biden family, particularly in Ukraine, there is nothing to see here?

      – Julian Assange met Trump fixer Paul Manafort in London’s Ecuador Embassy?

      – A ‘mystery’ pilot known as ‘The Ghost of Kiev’ shot down six Russian military aircraft in the early days of the current conflict?**

      ** Spoiler: Two months later the Ukrainian Air Force conceded this was a myth put out to boost morale.

      – There Is No alternative to the pinnacle of human development known as economic neo-liberalism and geo-political neo -conservatism (ie The permanent hegemony of Western Empire)?

      – People from Liverpool were wholly responsible for the tragedy at Hillsborough football stadium in April 1989?

      Because if the sources of the information on this particular designated “Official Enemy” (ie North Korea) are the same sources as what produced the above list and a whole lot more bullshit than it seems a tad reasonable to take that information with a large dose of salt until and unless it can be independently verified with solid substantive evidence which is not tainted by The Official Narrative (TON).

      1. All well and good, Dave. Point taken.

        But even so, it’s like preferring the smell of catshit to dogshit. I trust neither of them as far as an asthmatic with SARS can spit.

        I don’t need no TON to tell me that.

  6. Rafael Behr in today’s Guardian:

    “A dysfunctional and bitterly divided party that looked destined for another decade in the wilderness has been been turned around and brought to the threshold of power.”

    It certainly has. I hope Labour MPs will be grateful to Liz Truss!

    1. Not JUST truss though, is it?

      Keef’s seen THREE of THE worst PMs in succession.

      And as @Bernie’s posts (above) correctly point out, you only need to look at keefs polling record since shithousing his way to his fuhrership.

      It’s beyond abysmal, considering who and what he’s been up against.

      Let’s put it this way, It’s been like the usual cup draws for the shite (libpewl fc).

      Getting drawn against a team of part-time Albanian wicker basket makers, or a Georgian bus drivers club in a European competition and barely scraping through.

      Or domestically getting an alehouse side in the FA cup and going through on penalties.

      And being taken to several replays against the bottom side in the entire football league in the league cup (yes, I know it can’t happen but it used to).

      That’s been with the benefit of a passive MSM, with no political upheaval of the scale of Brexit, and without any shithousery from the left – who he’s shat on from a great height to get where he is now.

      As Frankie Boyle once said: If keef smarmer ran at a pigeon, it wouldn’t even move”


      “Keef is so unrecognisable as a man that even the automatic doors at sainsbury’s don’t open for him”.

      As woefully shite as the rags have been, keef would be every bit as piss-poor.

  7. On the verboten comment flag piece.

    Boris was in Ukraine this week. Making Nazi salutes amongst other things.

    They urinate on the sacrifices of our grandparents.

  8. Regards the first in your list, I just came across the following article on Jewish News (whilst researching something), posted today:

    ‘Rory Stewart: I was insensitive. I didn’t mean to minimise the horrifying Jew-hate in Corbyn’s Labour’

    In an exclusive article for Jewish News, the former Tory MP, who condemned the decision to bar Corbyn as a Labour candidate, offers an apology to the community but insists no party leader should have such power.

    There is horrifying antisemitism in British society, including a disturbing amount in British political parties. That was particularly true in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. As leader, he should have taken responsibility for the party’s failures in this regard.

    Yes, quite right TOO, and especially that Red Ken Livingstone, who said Hitler was a Zionist!

    As I’ve said before, if even HALF the things said and claimed about Jeremy in respect of A/S were true – and ESPECIALLY as of the ‘Existential Threat’ to Jews claim – there is no way on this planet that it would have been business as usual in the HoC and, for example, PM Questions, and in the Real World just about every MP would have boycotted the HoC whenever he was present – ie they would either have walked out (if they were already in there when he came in), or not gone in (if he was already in there). But not only did they NOT do that, but PM Questions (with Theresa May, and then later Boris Johnson) just carried on as per usual (with Jeremy putting the initial questions). And the reason it did of course is because every single MP knew that the A/S thing was a scam and a smear campaign, and that it was all concocted and contrived and exaggerated to the Nth degree so as to destroy Jeremy’s chances of attaining power and, as such, that its primary objective was to subvert democracy.

    1. I can’t find any direct quote by Ken Livingstone stating that Hitler was a Zionist, please direct me.

    1. And the reason for the italics, bolding and CAPITALS

      No mention of requesting zelenskiyy repeal law 5371 at any time, though, I see.

      Not really THAT much to be triumphalist about, in my opinion.

      Now leave those goats alone…

      1. Toffee – Surely you can manage to work that one out for your self.
        If you are struggling here’s a clue – In your case it self evidently worked.

      2. And here is former CIA operative Larry Johnson showing how deep the nazi ideology is embedded in Ukrainian society and its armed forces:

        An ideology that is officially embraced by not only fake left groups like the AWL but now by the TUC.

        It makes little difference. They were defeated in WW2 by the Russians and they will be humiliated again this time around.

        What’s it like to be on the losing side steveH?

  9. What self evidently workedsoft shite?

    You did it just to get a rise outta me? Didn’t work. But keep beating your pigeon chest, noncecase. Carryin’ on like you’re some sort of genial agent provocateur when in reality you’re worse than gormless narcissist.

    Was it YOUR motion?
    Has it won Ukraine the war?
    Has it made zelenskiyy repeal the law, or even made him think about giving a guarantee that he’ll do so, and hand back rights anytime?

    Will keef’s green paper do anything for Ukrainian workers rights?

    Abar as much as it’ll do for British workers rights by the time it goes through – IF it ever does.

    Not worth the paper it’s written on. Wasn’t worth the effort of raising a hand.
    You had fuck all to do with it.

    Now leave those goats alone.

    1. Toffee – “Has it made zelenskiyy repeal the law, or even made him think about giving a guarantee that he’ll do so, and hand back rights anytime? “

      Well you might have a point if it wasn’t for the fact that it is written into the legislation that ‘the law’ will automatically lapse when marshal law ends. The quicker Putin stops his illegal invasion and takes his troops back home the quicker this law restricting trade union activity will be withdrawn.

      1. Herr Flick
        The Isrseli Foreign Minister once said ‘the lowest form of racism is to accuse Jews themselves of antisemitism
        Remind us all how many Jewish members have been accused of antisemitism by the Fuhrer and thrown out of the Nazi party

      1. Opinion’s are not facts.

        Do try and live in the world steveH.

      2. Dave – Is anyone claiming that they are?

        However, it is undeniable that these particular opinions have come from an interesting source.

  10. Every time I look at a photograph of Sir Keir I can’t help wondering how well he sleeps, not because he should be tortured by his conscience, but his head must continually slip off the pillow.

  11. Doug – I see that you are still relying on your rather pathetic playground name calling.

    How many prominent Jews were thrown out of the party by Jeremy Corbyn’s administration. I distinctly remember Jennie Formby showing off in Feb19 that she had streamlined the process for expelling members and made it much more efficient.

  12. Well you might have a point if it wasn’t for the fact that it is written into the legislation that ‘the law’ will automatically lapse when marshal law ends.

    Well you might have had a point if it weren’t for the fact that it means fuck all until it’s actually repealed.

    You only need to look at the history of income tax here in blighty as a prime example. Introduced as a temporary (Napoleonic) war measure that’s never been done away with, despite that particular war ending well over 200 years ago.

    How many prominent Jews were thrown out of the party by Jeremy Corbyn’s administration

    Were they TWO HUNDRED TIMES MORE LIKELY to be expelled under Corbyn?

    Don’t think so. They are under keef, though.

    1. Toffee – Wow! You had to go back some way to try and prove your point. Did the rather ancient legislation that you quote actually have a clause stating that it would definitely lapse once the war ended or was it just a politicians reassurance?

      “Were they TWO HUNDRED TIMES MORE LIKELY to be expelled under Corbyn? “
      I don’t know, has anyone done an analysis on this, If they ever do you may be surprised by the result.

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