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Gypsy Roma group appeals for info for legal challenge to racist anti-Gypsy law

Group asks for contact from people who have suffered effects of racist policing Act

Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) advocacy group Friends Families Travellers has issued a call for information from GRT people who have been victims of the government’s racist Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act. The Act allows GRT people to be criminalised simply for living the traditional Gypsy Roma lifestyle.

A flyer sent out by the group explains:

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 has now been in place for more than a year.

This legislation means that people who live on roadside camps could face time In prison, receive a £2500 fine, or have their home taken away, and live In constant fear of retribution.

We’re challenging the Policing Act In court and want to hear from people who have had these new police powers used against them.

Have you had this legislation used against you, or know someone who has?
Then call us today on 01273 234 777.

No one should be criminalised for not having a safe place to go.

In solidarity,
Sarah Mann

GRT people suffer appalling racism and discrimination in the UK and an atrocious lack of support from political leaders, with both anti-GRT racism endemic among Tories and, shamefully, Keir Starmer’s Labour.

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    1. Toffee, I saw that too and thought maybe John Mann’s wife had a career change. Meanwhile he got a Peerage for being a nasty racist.

      1. No, I believe Baron Mann’s wife is still a Nottingham (Bassetlaw District) councillor. Might be wrong tho’
        – but, yeah, she’d be unlikely to volunteer her services to a Gypsy advocacy group, given starver-labour’s hierarchy of racism and her husband’s former role in it.

  1. Every time I have had the displeasure to encounter the objectionable John Mann and/or his fragrant wife, I have felt the overwhelming desire to reach for the sick bucket.

  2. The Tory/Lib Dem Coalition in 2010 cut £26m a year from the Gypsies & Travellers National Sites Fund which means £338m to date.
    And now the Tories blame the victims of their policy funding cuts!
    Solidarity with the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community.

    1. And the Right Wing Lightweight Labour Handbag Snagger won’t make up the difference for equality, but Left Wing Democratic Socialists would.

  3. Gypsies do not have a written tradition as everything must be practical to serve the needs of a travelling nomad, ensuring that history is never accurately recorded and the cultural narrative is oral. Throughout time the gypsy has never sought to own land and always been considered an outsider; the gypsies do not belong, they are perpetually ‘the other’.
    The gypsy culture is also romanticised and envied, but the one idea that ‘more civilised’ people fear the most is ‘Freedom itself’….. the opportunity to go wherever and whenever they please, free from the shackles and chains of a society that insists that you must work all your life to own a comfortable prison to spend time in between shifts and pay to serve the master. Know your place and remain there. All freedoms must be controlled and limited.

    1. I’ve followed Tyson Furey and that Birmingham cap gang thing on the telly. Since it was on the telly I know the truth about Romanies. They can tell the future and never vote Tory because they can tell the future. Now they won’t vote for Starver and his goons. They have passionate views about the Greens, same as mine sometimes. When I was a boozer a family down South were very kind and I always had a roof and a job. In the 60’s my mum would go to sites round Maize Hill and give literacy and numeracy classes to the snotty ones that the state left behind. They were very gracious to her, a matabele who was exiled in England giving freeschooling to the horrors. I’m proud of my revolutionary past. I sparred few times and even the very little ones could bang. It wasn’t all nice nicely, stroke the ponies. It was a man’s world although the matriarchs had the most powerful voices. I dug it but we get older and travel. My later adventures with the travellers were in Cumbria and the farms around Oxford. They were treated appallingly. X

  4. My missus, Julie and her mates, who should know better, still fancies David Essex. For heavens sake they’ve got us. I bet that Mr Essex has not got a disabled parking pass.

  5. The traditional gypsy life style? Leave all your rubbish for others to clean up, steal from local shops.
    Bet you wouldn’t want tyhem camped next to your house

    1. If gypsy sites were properly maintained by local authorities, with adaquate rubbish collection etc. there would be fewer problems for everyone, but perpetual austerity cut backs have consequences. Don’t get me wrong, although my dad’s family were Irish travellers, in the past I have tried to intercede and negotiate with Roma gypsies when they arrive en masse and set up camp in my local park – Roma are never too keen on talking to ‘outsiders’.

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