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Riley’s swipe at Rosen uses ‘tribute’ that confirmed Newbon was serial troll

Oops: game show figure tries to attack hugely-loved Jewish author, but uses article supposed to praise smearer who attacked him that confirmed Newbon was repeat-offender troll whose uni employers had repeatedly had to discipline supposed ‘activist’ for his social media conduct. It didn’t end well

Game show figure Rachel Riley decided it was wise this week to attack hugely-loved Jewish children’s author Michael Rosen – and used an article by a pro-Israel right-winger praising the late former director of so-called ‘Labour against antisemitism’, Pete Newbon, claiming that the hugely-talented and deeply pleasant Rosen ‘turned her stomach’:

But, oh dear, the article Ms Riley linked to also confirms Skwawkbox’s reporting that Newbon was a serial social media troll who had been repeatedly disciplined by his employers, Northumbria University, for his appalling conduct – so often that he had been given a ‘final written warning‘ – and that at the time of his suicide Newbon was being sued by one of the victims of his smears, whose life had been endangered by Newbon’s actions.

That conduct included not only Newbon’s disgraceful smear that had bastardised Rosen’s book to attack former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – but also repeatedly harassed, defamed and abused the private information of James Wilson, putting Wilson’s life in potential danger.

Newbon and two other pro-Israel campaigners were being sued by Wilson for their smears – and the legal case was not going well for them. Skwawkbox helpfully pointed out to Ms Riley what she had highlighted:

Instead of thanking this site for the information, Ms Riley blocked Skwawkbox’s Twitter account:

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Ms Riley’s tweet didn’t end well. Skwawkbox was not the only one to comment: more than double the number of comments and critical ‘quote tweets’ than positive shares, with some pointing out other questionable comments by the TV ‘personality’, of which a tiny selection is below:

Rosen took the high road and did not engage directly, but did comment on tweets by the creator of the original post that used the Newbon article to attack Rosen – ironically, a colleague at Goldsmiths university:

Read here for further analysis of what Hirsh’s article gives away about the late Pete Newbon and background on his and his group’s appalling treatment of Michael Rosen and others.

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  1. Twitter is currently awash with supporters of Riley engaging in a massive spiteful pile on attacking Mr Rosen. Ironically the focus of their attack is that Mr Rosen is a terrible antisemite because he was involved in a ‘spiteful pile on’ on Newbon. They really aren’t very bright are they?

  2. Looks like Riley is trying to raise her profile again at the moment. She was in our local paper having a go at one of the Durham Gala brass bands this week. Her usual type of anti-left attack.

    Is this how Channel 4 chooses to advertise it’s programmes, by getting its presenters to badmouth decent folk? She’s just a Starmeroid troublemaker. I’m guessing this is part of his ‘electioneering’ strategy. Before long she’ll no doubt be off rumbling in the jungle with Boris Johnson and Liz Truss on I’m a Celebrity!

    1. HAHA! That article I linked was showing on this week’s news … for transparency I must point out it is from 5 JUL 2019!

    2. I was going to say “until Channel 4 Connects the Dots around Rachel Riley, she will remain a powerful zionist voicepiece”, but it’s worse than that. Targeting the Durham Miners like she has (thanks Julie), shows she feels strong enough to use the anti-sem (AS) card at the drop of any willy-nilly hat for ANY reason that pleases them. She’s ‘testing’ us (and their weapon).

      I can understand why they targeted a resolute pro-Palestinian rights defender when that person became a member of the establishment’s Privy Council as leader of Labour, but this – it’s just vile and very, very worrying.

      1. Same with all the Zionist luvvies, qwertboi.

        I often wonder what the conversations are like, in the Green Rooms, all over the country.

        A captive audience, with receptive ears, and little between the ears.

    3. Reply to Julie TThank you for the link. I was absolutely horrified by Rachel Reilly’s comments but this is still a free country and we don’t engage in Apartheid,we don’t engage in large scale human rights abuses up to an including the killing of babies and children we don’t consign people to ghettos, deprive them of basic needs such as sanitation, clean water and medical care oh and yes we allow them to play and tunes they like- We also give people freedom of speech so that people like Rachel can express their views no matter how silly or unreasonable

  3. What a shallow, self-obsessed c*nt she is. It’s enough to make you want to go on Countdown!

    1. Apparently ‘qunt’ works as well as ‘c*nt’, timfron. It has a wonderfully prescise forensic meaning too (so Keir Rodney Starmer knows it applies to himself too)

      qunt: noun Extreme-right and zionist politician , activist, journalist or commentator who promotes deliberate inhumane political analysis of austerity or the occupation of Palestine and who revels in hardships caused by said policies.

      1. Otherwise known as Psychopaths!

        Riley of course knows that the left are the least likely people to feel animosity or ill feeling towards minority groups, and she’s just showing herself up for the bullying piece of fascist shite she actually is. AND using her ‘power’ (of celebrity) to show off to her fascist buddies. All Psychopaths are inherently sadistic and, as such, just lurve beating the shit out of people. And all the right-wing fascist scum out there are oh-SO grateful to the Zionist lobby and their buddies in the PLP and the MSM etc for giving them something they can attack and bully whenever their sadistic fancy takes them!

        Yep, we on the left want to change the world for the better, and these malignant and malevolent evil scum who created the totally fucked up insane world we live in will stop at nothing to prevent us. They really ARE of exactly the same mindset as the Nazis!

  4. The Rich and powerful establishment were worried about JC’s transformative policies as were poorly read, Right Wing Lightweight Labour who wanted their cosy club back-a good living for themselves, a few minor reforms and toss the diverse working class a few crumbs every now and then plus every so often now and then perhaps voting to bomb a few Black & Brown countries.
    And of course ultra millionaire media owners were happy to pile in against JC for if he had won these tax dodging owners would have had to cough up!
    But Right Wing Lab had tried everything including its MPs slagging JC off in public for years (helping the Tories) but JC had stood strong and popular.
    Then a Right Wing Lab member gave the game away when e mailing another Right Wing member who was thinking of leaving “Don’t leave.This AS stuff unlike the other stuff is having some traction.”
    And then all the Right Wing Jewish Groups were happy to pile in aided by the Right Wing and Liberal media.
    James Stern-Weiner is very good on the actual levels of AS in Labour – see his ‘Anti-Semitism and the Labour Party’ free e book, (2019) which is very thorough.
    And now they continue to go LOW after attacking very decent human being JC now it’s very decent human being Michael Rosen.
    But we should keep HIGH – are cracking books: G.D.Smith, ‘A 3,000 Year History of Palestine’, P.Keleman, ‘The British Left and Zionism: A History of Divorce’, and ‘Bernard Regan, ‘The Balfour Declaration.’
    One Democratic State, Right of Palestinian Refugees to Return, Respect all Religions, and Peace in the Region.
    Then class politics should replace ethnic tensions. Solidarity!

  5. Riley’s type is surgically described – in all its infantile permanent adolescence – in this piece:

    “this caste [Class] lives in a world where discourse is the only reality, as they learned somewhere at university….they’ve grown up with the idea that control of discourse means control of reality…..

    ….When the truth is too painful to handle, you try to cancel it, and if that doesn’t work you find a safe space somewhere. The problem is that, whilst this approach can work in a system, such as a university, where you have total practical control, it can’t work when the real world comes knocking at your door, and you have to do something.”

    This is what is running and actively supporting the LP these days – as it is everything else in a disintegrating West where nothing works properly.

    Meet the new boss – and don’t forget to change their nappy.

  6. So why for the love of God don’t the victims of Vexatious claims of Anti Semitism bounce it straight back
    Using the standard line, I don’t know anybody in the Jewish Community who supports the Apartheid state of Israel and the systemic murder of innocent men, women and children
    Then see how it is reported
    As soon as they respond then you have another chance to attack and on and on

  7. On another matter
    Climate change, how much pollution do we import to serve our markets, how much is financed by British companies or the City 9f London
    Why is flying and shipping not included, add them all up and how much per capita are we responsible for

  8. Doug: Shapps claims we have reduced C02 by 40% since 1990. That’s the “terrestrial” figure. If shipping is included, but aviation still excluded, the figure is about 11%. As for the 100 licences in the North Sea: 80% of the oil has to be exported because our refineries can’t process it. Only 30% of what remains in the North Sea field is gas, which is what we currently use to heat our homes. And the gas and oil don’t belong to us but to the licence holders who include China, Iran, Russia and Norway. There is something we could do to significantly reduce C02: triple glazing. Estimates are that fitted to every home in the country it could reduce emissions by up to 40%. But it needs social investment. Hence, instead, we drill for more oil and gas and wave goodbye to the planet.

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